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May 28, 2013

BumbleBeeBum Diapers

The Flats Challenge is over, but I have fallen in love with using flats will continue to use them in my stash. I am going to continue the flats love here on the blog with a series of flats reviews over the next few weeks. First up today is a unique flat made by BumbleBeeBum Diapers. Grace, the owner and maker of BumbleBeeBum Diapers, sent me a Daddy Flat and two matching wipes to review. 

BumbleBeeBums Diapers sells adorable handmade wool soakers, fleece soakers, longies, and custom Daddy Flats. I loved the adorable Handmade With Love bumble bee card that came with the diaper!

When I first heard about Daddy Flats I was really intrigued. Basically these are a flat diaper that has been cut and sewn to be easy to fold and put on your baby. As a cloth diaper addict, I just love that the Daddy Flat pattern has a decorative layer so that you can get cute prints on your flats.

The Daddy Flat has wings built in to make it easy to put on your baby. BumbleBeeBums also offers the option of snaps to make it even easier! I like using my snappi so I just got the Daddy Flat without snaps.

This is the inside of the Daddy Flat when it is all opened up. You can see how it is cut to be more of a diaper shape. The inside of the flat is bamboo fleece which is really absorbent! BumbleBeeBums also offers hemp fleece as an interior option, so if you want even more absorbency you can choose that.

On the back is the printed flannel fabric, which gives you an extra layer of absorbency.

To fold the Daddy Flat, fold the extra fabric over the middle as shown above. Then fold it back on itself as shown below.

This gives a total of six layers of fabric in the wet zone, three of which are bamboo fleece! Once it is folded like this it is ready to go on baby.

We got a really great fit with this diaper on Ava. At 31 inches and 26 pounds, Ava is tall and skinny so sometimes diapers are tricky to fit, but this one did great. We got a size large Daddy Flat and I just fold the rise down slightly to fit her. Bumblebeebum Diapers offers sized options for a trim fit, but I can see how even this large could fit a smaller baby if you just tweak the folding a little.

As you can see here, this is a very trim diaper. I was truly amazed by how absorbent it is!

This is the back of the Daddy Flat. Ava was really wiggling when I put it on, so one of the layers is peeking out! The great thing about flats though is that you just need to have it all under a cover, and it will work fine.

Overall we have really enjoyed this diaper. At $9 a piece, these are a really fun way to get some cute prints in your flats stash or try flats for the first time. I found that this was a really doable diaper for Daddy and others who help out with changes and it travels well in a diaper bag. One thing that I was pleasantly surprised by was how well this diaper contains poop! It seemed like every time Ava wore this diaper she pooped in it, but we never had poop go onto the cover! I think this is because the design of the wing tabs keeps the diaper snug around the legs really well. If you have been thinking about trying flats, these are a fun, customizable way to do so!

Check BumbleBeeBums out on FaceBook and on Etsy to see her fabulous creations!