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May 8, 2013

Traveling with Cloth-Part 2

I shared a few months ago a post about traveling with cloth.  I had driven with our cloth diapers quite a few times, but had never flown with them.  So, I thought I'd just share a few thoughts on how that went!
A few weeks ago we flew down to Florida on vacation, and I brought along cloth diapers, along with cloth swim diapers.  And overall, it went great!!
little beach bum
I had no issues with the washer and dryer there, which was nice (often when I travel to MI with my diapers I need to strip them when I get home....not exactly sure if it's the water or the washer/dryer).  And I packed the perfect amount to be able to wash diapers every other day....didn't have extras, but could always make it to wash day.  The other benefit we have with using cloth is that my son's clothes fit :)  He's pretty thin, so the cloth bum keeps his pants up!!  So I didn't need to worry about which pants he wore while we were down there.
Now, there was a downside to bringing cloth--space.  Cloth diapers take up a lot of space!  If I had prefolds big enough to fit my son, I would have brought those since they're smaller, but I didn't.  So I brought pockets for daytime and a few fitteds for naptime and nighttime.  I packed everything flat, with the pockets unstuffed.  But they still took up a lot of space!  Luckily, we needed to check a bag anyway for suntan lotion and all that fun stuff.  So, we had the room, but I will say, they took up a significant portion of the suitcase.
The other place space was an issue was while we were actually flying and in the airport.  Cloth diapers just take up a lot more room than disposables!  Luckily my wet bag has a snapped handle, so I just snapped it onto our stroller and no one really noticed we had an extra "bag".  But I had a really hard time fitting three or four cloth diapers into our carry-on bag with all the other things we needed to keep an almost two-year old occupied on a flight!
One way I could have reduced the amount of space they took up was just to do laundry every day.  This would have pretty much cut the number of diapers in half.  I just didn't know if I'd have been able to keep up with doing laundry every day.  But that definitely would have reduced the amount of space the diapers took up.

So, overall, I'd say if you have the space, go for it!!  I loved having our cloth diapers down there and not having to buy disposables.  But, I also feel like, if you don't have the space, don't feel bad!  Disposables have their place, and at times, traveling is definitely one of them!
We're flying again this week for my sister's graduation, and unfortunately, there's just going to be no room for my diapers.  While its a bummer, I'm not going to feel bad buying disposables.  Sometimes you just have to do it!  I'll just be sure to bring Myles' belt so his pants don't fall down :)

Has anyone else had an experience like this??  Any tips for reducing the amount of space cloth diapers take up?

1 comment:

Pix said...

Some people don't get it but have you considered bringing disposable inserts? You can lay them on top of your unstuffed pockets and reuse the pocket-covers a few times as you would a cover. They take up about as much room as packing a package of sposies but they are less waste. Also if you are near a BRU or whole foods where you are traveling you can buy the gdiaper ones or the generic BRU ones.

Another reason sposie inserts are better than full sposies, they are essentially one size. Any you have left over from this trip will be able to be used on the next trip VRS any full sposies you buy will need to be used up after the trip or wasted.

Either way, Have fun!