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May 24, 2013

Episencial BabyTime

My son breaks out from almost all types of lotions, soaps and sunscreens. He has super sensitive skin and we have tried so many different things to find out what works for us. I was given the opportunity to review some of Episencial's bath and body products and I was really impressed.

We were sent Sunggly Lotion (cherry scented) Peaceful Bubbles Bath(blueberry scented) and Cheeky Salve(raspberry scented). I was a little nervous at first with the scents because that seems to be a big trigger for his skin reactions but because it is all natural, we had none! He loved that he got to have "smelly" lotions and baths because he normally cannot! What I found incredible was that the scents are not made of parfums or fragrances but actual juice extracts.

As soon as we got the lotion out, we tried it on all of us! Nyla loved that it was girly and smelled like cherries. Kynlie just loves putting lotion on in general, but I loved that this was chemical free and made with mostly organic ingredients. When we put it on Lincoln, I tested it on a small area first and he had no reactions after an hour so he got to put some all over. At first he said it was "girlish" but he ended up loving that he got to use a scented lotion. It went on smooth and didn't leave any greasy feeling on your hands.

We use the Peaceful Bubble bath soap every bath time. It has a light blueberry scent and makes great bubbles! Again, I was really nervous to put Lincoln in it but after the lotion had good success, I figured the bubble bath had to be the same. The kids loved it! They kept commenting on how much they liked how their bath smelled and that they "felt cleaner with blueberry soap" haha! I loved that it didn't cause any redness or rash on Lincoln and that they all enjoyed it.

Even though it says unscented I think the cheeky salve smells so yummy! We used this in many different ways. For the most part, I keep it in my purse to use as a chapstick and to put on chapped cheeks. We have also tried it for diaper rashes. (I don't double dip! lol) You can also use it for cracked nipples when nursing as well as cradle cap and acne bumps. (After baby is born in November I hope to see how it works for those!)

It is a colorless butter and smooths on nicely. It is edible(just in case your two year old wants to have taste!) and can be used to prevent and protect from the elements!

Kynlie loves to put the Snuggly Lotion on her tummy... 

And her legs. 

Overall, I absolutely loved all three of these products. The best part was that Lincoln had no reactions at all to any of it. I also loved that the scents were made with juice extracts, not fragrances! How cool is that. I also think it is awesome that they make everything using solar power. This company is built on good values and their goal is to provide a safe product to families that is green and good for the environment.