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May 7, 2013

Brooke Van Gory Designs Diaper Bag

I often hear cloth diaper mamas asking what the best diaper bag for cloth is. Many mainstream options are designed with skinny disposables in mind and can hardly fit one or two cloth diapers, let alone a wet bag of dirty ones. When I started cloth diapering I had a large main stream brand bag that worked alright, but I always had my eyes out for a bag that was designed with cloth in mind. When I heard about Brooke Van Gory Designs I was so excited to try one of her bags! Brooke makes several different styles and sizes of bags. She makes two purse specific styles: the Velma is a smaller clutch style purse, and the Roxie is a slouch hobo bag style. For diaper bag options there are: the tote bag style Fundamental Diaper Bag with a snap closure, the large purse style Expedient Diaper Bag with a zipper closure, and the even larger Up-Sized Expedient Diaper Bag. Brooke sent me the Expedient Diaper Bag with a matching Velma clutch and her patented clip on wet bag to review. I just love this set so much, and I get so many compliments on this bag.

This is the print that I got to pick out for my set. Brooke has a huge selection of beautiful fabrics to choose from on her Pinterest page. The wet bags she makes are designed to clip onto the straps of the diaper bags she makes to allow you to leave a bulky wet bag of dirty diapers out of your bag if you choose. You can see in the picture above the clips on each side of the zipper. These are perfectly matched with the diaper bag width and fit great.

This is the Velma clutch I received in the same print, with an adorable coordinating heart applique! The Velma clutch is 11"x7" and has a zipper opening with a strap that clips to the zipper on one end. This allows you to clip the clutch to your diaper bag, a feature that I use often.

In the picture above you can see I have the clutch unzipped and the strap goes along with the zipper. I like when a clutch is designed this way because it means that when you have the strap around your wrist the zipper cannot open accidentally.

Here is the inside of the Velma clutch. There is one open top side pocket inside to hold chapsticks or gum. I am able to fit my wallet, checkbook, a notebook, iPhone, and my bulky keychain all in here and can still close the zipper! I keep my gum, lip gloss, and a small sewing kit in the side pocket. I love that this little clutch fits everything I need to run out of the house, so if I leave without needing diapers I just take this instead of the whole diaper bag. If I do take the diaper bag, this fits perfectly either on top or clipped to the side and matches perfectly.

This beautiful bag is the Expedient Diaper Bag. The print panel is a flap pocket, and there is one on the other side as well. On each end of the bag is a sippy cup type pocket. There are two straps to sling on your shoulder that are nice and wide to distribute the weight.

The Expedient has a zipper closure which I just love. My previous diaper bag was a snap closure and I was always concerned about things falling out or being stolen or getting wet in a rain storm. With the zipper closure on this I have peace of mind that the things inside will be safe.

The inside of the bag has four large pockets which are attached to the sides of the bag. The main middle section is very roomy, even if you stuff the pockets full of stuff.

There is also a zippered inside pocket for small things that you want tucked away from grabby toddler hands.

Here is the bag stuffed full for a day at Nana's house. I have five diapers in the main section with a wet bag and a stuffed animal. In the side pockets I have ten wipes, a change of clothes, and the matching wet bag. There was still a ton of room left for extras if I had needed them. You can see in this next picture that I was able to fit the Velma Clutch right on top with lots of extra room.

I have loved being able to use this diaper bag set. I have had it for a few months now and have tried it for all sorts of outings. In fact, this past weekend we had a long day trip to go on and I pushed this bag hard and it did not let me down. I was able to fit eight Bum Genius Elementals, three wet bags, 15 wipes, two changes of clothing, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, a changing pad, and Ava's sippy cup! I clipped my Velma clutch to the handles and had everything I needed for the entire day in one bag. One thing that I really love about this bag is how lightweight it is. My previous diaper bag had a lot of heavy metal connectors and hardware on it, so getting this bag has been fantastic. The whole bag is nice and light, but so sturdy! I get so many compliments on this set, and I love that it doesn't look like your typical diaper bag, but more like a large purse.

If you would like to get your own or ask your hubby to get you one for Mother's Day, Brooke has offered a coupon code for our readers! The code is CDADDICTION and will get you 10% off through May 20th. If you need help deciding on a size, check out this great comparison post that Brooke has on her blog. Don't forget to browse her gorgeous fabric selection on Pinterest and check her out on Facebook for occasional sales and giveaways!


A. Bea Estrada said...
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Amy Barnes said...

I'm not a mom, but I love my BVG bag which I use as a work tote. So pick a fabric that you love for yourself because long after the diaper bag days are over you'll still be using your bag.

El Dee said...

BVG bags just rock! Mine have gone from diaper bag to mom-in-college bag, they are so versatile! Love them! :)

Kenzie said...

I adore my BVG bags! You're not just limited to fabrics she has pinned to Pinterest - you can choose ANY fabric! The options are so unlimited, I had a hard time choosing!

I used a different bag for my first born and really didn't like it at all. Too heavy and just not that functional for a CD Momma. My BVG has worked perfectly for my second, and continues to work now that he's a potty training toddler. I know I will use this bag for a long, long time.

Brooke is fantastic to work with and I can't recommend her and her bags enough!

Amy said...

I just have a quick comment. BVG bags are handmade in the USA as well, no mass production for her! Each customer selects her own favorite fabric, and BVG custom sews your perfect size, shape, color, print bag perfectly suited to your needs. I have 3! I *need* about 34....

Becca said...

Yes! I love seeing other BVG lovers out there. I definitely agree with you all that this bag will last well beyond the baby years. It is a size that I can see myself using for many uses for a LONG time!

and yes! BVG bags are definitely all made by Brooke here in the US, and there are SO many fabric choices to choose from. You can truly have a one of a kind bag!

Krissi Sandvik said...

I am not a Mom and have a huge collection of BVG bags. I have several totes, a Quintessential, a Quick Tripper and an obscene number of Velma clutches, all in different styles and color palettes.

I use my totes for carrying art to galleries and for holding my gloves and other gear when I'm driving at the track. As you can see, these bags aren't just for diapers!

I'm notoriously rough on my things, and I'm thrilled that in the Krissi v. BVG challenge, BVG is still winning after several years!

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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