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March 2, 2012

Ragababe on my babe :)

I just had to share how cute this diaper is on my cute lil babe :) My awesome sister in law Kristina was on a mission and found this diaper for me and I bought it! If she has a girl in June she will get to enjoy too :)

This is a Ragababe AIO diaper with leapord print. Addyson is sporting it very well if I do say so myself. It has a PERFECT fit on her better then any cloth diaper I have put on her! It is snug around her lil legs so there is no leaking issues what so ever. I am also able to get it snug enough around the waist too, which some diapers I am not able to do so. This one is a small and she weighs about 15lbs. Ragababe has a stay dry liner along the babys bum and she does awesome with it. She has been having issues with getting rashes so bad they bleed with cloth and I was getting frustrated. She has been using this one for about a week now and has had NO issues what so every with the rashes.

This is Addyson in her new favorite diaper or should I say Mommy's new favorite diaper! Hope this helped some of you with questions. I know its not a lot but I had to share my experience with the diaper. I would recommend this diaper for anyone who has a tiny baby and that has rash issues! These diapers are VERY hard to come by and when they do they are not cheap but they are WELL worth the money. You can look on ragababe's website but they only stock on certain days and once a week.