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March 19, 2012

Newborn Series: SustainableBabyIsh XS OBF

*This is a preview of the SustainableBabyIsh XS OBF diaper. *
*After our baby arrives in June I will update the NB diaper series with our experiences of all the diapers we have tried out.*

SustainableBabyIsh XS OFB fitted diaper

A little about this diaper:
-Fits babys 5-11 pounds
-Made of organic bamboo and cotton fleece
-Features a snap down for the Umbilical cord
-This is a fitted diaper so it requires a cover
-offers cross over snaps

The SBISH fitteds are great for super absorbancy. I have one in large for my 22 month old and it works wonders for night time. Below are two xs OBF fitted diapers. The green (sprout) is set with the snap down rise open and the yellow (lemon) is set with the snap down rise.
There are two snaps on the tabs of this diaper for securing it on the waist as well as a cross over snap on the wing for the skinny babies. The front of the diaper features one row of snaps across the waist as well as the snap down for the umbilical cord. There is elastic across the back and the front to help get a secure fit.
The inside of this fitted diaper features a snap in liner for heavy absorbancy.
The insert snaps on at the front of the diaper with 2 snaps.

How I think this diaper will work for us:
I am hoping that my baby is able to fit into this diaper for a little while. It is one of the smallest newborn diapers that I own as far as weight range goes. The small starts at 9 pounds and goes to 16ish pounds so I think after the umbilical cord falls off we could easily switch to the size small considering I have bigger babies. A concern I have with this diaper is with how thick this diaper it. I know it will probably be a great diaper for night time, although it does not offer the stay dry feeling, but it is able to hold a lot of pee.

You can purchase these diapers from Sloomb.com or you can find them on various swap pages. You will probably have the best luck with the SBISH swap page found on facebook here. I was able to purchase the xs obf's used for around $15-19 each. New they run $24.95 plus shipping.

1 comment:

Shannon Reed said...

I use the sbish obf diapers for my son, and I have to say they are the best for overnight. Super duper absorbent and also very cute =) What kind of detergent do you use?