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March 30, 2012

My Favorite Detergent!

I have tried so many different detergents it is not funny. I started with Allens and my son broke out with it. So then we moved on to rockin green and with hard water that did not work so well for me, then we moved onto eco sprout and I did not like that one personally. So I have found a new "love".

I am now using Clean B detergent. I do not think that I would use anything else on my diapers as long as I need them now! Clean B is awesome!!! I use Pumpkin Crumb and Apple Mango Tango. I have never used a detergent so smelly its wonderful. When I am washing my diapers in hot water you can smell the detergent as its washing. It fills my laundry room with a fresh pumpkin or mango smell. Same thing in the dryer too! When they come out fresh out of the dryer they smell soooo nice. My husband thinks I am crazy when he sees me pull a diaper out and smell it. I told him "here smell it" so he did and "hmm smells pretty good" So you know it smells awesome when he smells it. He does not like any kind of scent what so ever.

Clean B is Free From Chlorine, Dyes, Enzymes, Optical Brighteners, Chemical Softners, and all other Chemical Fabric Enhancers! It is Non-toxic, Vegan, 100% Phosphate Free & Meets requirements for military use. Clean B has also come out with a stripper for diapers too. WONDERFUL product I would higly reccomend it to anyone! There not too bad on price either I get the medium bag and get 2 and it last me about a month if not more depending on how much I use it, for $7.49/bag.

Visit Clean B and see all thier amazing products http://www.purecleanb.com/


Barker's Momma said...

Just a word of caution....there are customers still waiting on their orders from a year ago. Check out her facebook page. It was a big fiasco. I was going to order off of her again, but decided against it when I read some of the comments.

Brandi Elam said...

I love Clean B, too! My favorite, for sure. I can never catch any in stock, though :(
We love Grape Cabernet!!! It smells soooo good.