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March 6, 2012


We are always having mama's on the CDA Facebook page ask about diaper detergents (so if you're here, and not there, definitely come join the fun!) Many detergent names come up, and what works for some, doesn't work for others. It's no secret that washing diapers can be a frustrating science experiment (for some!)

I happened across DeeTergent and had never seen them mentioned on our Facebook page when those detergent questions came up. I was thrilled when Dee agreed to a review and, quicker than I could imagine, I opened the mailbox and smelled a delicious Strawberry Shortcake smell....mmmmmm...It was also a flashback, as I had a toy growing up that smelled like this scent added to DeeTergent. Every time I've done laundry, I have little flashbacks! :-)

**This is where I should state that my youngest (my only one in diapers) has a super sensitive bottom. Even some "unscented" CD friendly detergents mess with his poor bottom, so I was very nervous using the scented on his diapers. As I washed the dirty diapers, I prepared for the worst by getting out fleece liners and the super-strength creams to fight off any rashes that would show up within a couple hours of the clean diapers being on his bottom...

DeeTergent got my diapers incredibly clean smelling - and FEELING. There were still some stains from a major poop, but the sun took care of that in a couple hours. But the feeling....I haven't felt our diapers this...clean since they were new!

I think the secret (well, it's smack on their "About" page, so not really a secret!) is that DeeTergent contains NO DETERGENT. DeeTergent is filled with "earth derived ingredients" - pH balancing ingredients, all-natural chelating ingredients, and biodegradable surfactants.

I had to look up "all-natural chelating ingredients", and in doing so, remembered why science/chemistry was never my strong point! But I learned that chelating ingredients are added to laundry products to remove affects of calcium, magnesium, and iron which cause hard water (since we have ridiculously hard water at our house, this could be why I felt such clean diapers after using DeeTergent!) For those unsure what biodegradable surfactants it just means that the ingredients break down better.

Back to my washing experience...

My husband works in a car parts warehouse and I tried DeeTergent on his greasy work clothes. While the stains on his clothes will be there until the end of time, his clothes too felt cleaner - I could tell such a difference!

I was simply floored by the difference my clothes and diapers felt. Even after using this "detergent" for a few weeks, I'm floored (and for those who are wondering how many times I really got to try this in a "few weeks" - our house is a laundry machine, so, my full size bag I received, I've just about emptied!) :)

I will say that after a few washes, my sensitive skin started to get a little itchy, but I think that was mostly due to the scent added. Today in our wash, I'm re-trying with DeeTergent, but adding an extra rinse cycle to see if that helps. But, I've always been sensitive to anything that isn't "Free & Clear."**

And what about Caedmon's fluffy bottom?

I was able to put away the diaper creams and "emergency use" fleece liners. Not even a hint of a rash - even with the Strawberry Shortcake scent!! I was so excited that I could have a yummy smelling "detergent" option, that worked amazingly well AND left his bottom rash-free!

DeeTergent is not lacking in the scent department! Go try and make a choice! Yum! I wish there was the Willie Wonka Smell-a-vision or whatever...seriously.

Be sure to stop by the DeeTergent Facebook and Twitter pages and let Dee know CDA sent you!

If you take advantage of this generous offer, let us know what scent you get!

**edit - I spoke with Dee and she said that I was the first person to ever report a reaction to DeeTergent, even with sensitive skin - I'm wondering now if the itchy feeling was just dry winter skin???


Lindsay said...

Hi! Just read your review & this stuff sounds awesome! The discount is also very generous, thank-you! Do you know how the DeeTergent compares to Rockin Green Hard Rock? We use it because of our hard water, and I'd like to try DeeTergent but am nervous. Thanks for your help. :)

Terra Jones said...

Hi Lindsay! We tried RnG hard rock awhile ago & it was so rough on my little guys bottom. :-\ I only used it (RnG) because of that. Sorry I can't be of more help!

Maybe another mama here has tried both and can do a better comparison!

Love{&}Bugs said...

Thank you for posting this. I am not happy with the Rockin Green I've been using and thinking about switching to something else. This sounds amazing so I think I will have to give it a try. Now to pick a scent...

Love{&}Bugs said...

I ordered cupcake! Can't wait for it to arrive :-)

Fuzzi Bunz said...

After reading this i just switching my self to use Deetergent.Its really get beneficial to washing a diaper.

Lindsay said...

Hello! Just an update on my comment above. I emailed Dee herself of DeeTergent & she said there's nothing extra I need to do when switching detergents. Also, she said our hard water shouldn't be a problem. So tonight I'll be ordering some Lavender Deetergent to try out!

Terra Jones said...

Totally meant to share this last week! I spoke with Dee and asked how RnG compared to DeeTergent. She replied:

I don't know the exact proportion of ingredients that they use, but I do know that our formulas differ when it comes to sodium sulfate - we dot use that. I do not know what surfactant they use, but mine is saponofied coconut oil from Kirk's.

The surfactant we use is Kirk's brand fragrance free castile bar (www.kirksnatural.com). We grind this to a FINE powder before mixing with our other ingredients making it soluble in cold / hot water.

One of the reasons our business was born is that my generic home made laundry soap wasn't cloth diaper safe and I had to keep stripping. So, I tried rockin' green and it worked ok, but none of the good smell was EVER left after the wash. Seemed silly to use a scented formula and end up with no scent. I still used t for my diapers for a while, but I didn't like using it on my clothes.

So, I set out to do something different. I wanted an EVERYTHING laundry powder that was green, cleaned well, smelled good, AND softened. Now - here we are.

I hope this answers her question.