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December 31, 2010

Baby Bond Nursing Cover Review

Many breastfeeding mothers look for a way to cover up while nursing in public, be it due to a nosey, distractable baby or wanting their stomach, back and/or chest to be covered. Some moms dislike 'traditional' nursing covers for a number of reasons either because they are too big, drawing more attention than a nursing baby or the 'distance' it puts between mom and baby. Missy Reder saw the need for something different and came up with the Baby Bond nursing cover which allows baby to maintain eye contact with mom, and mom the chance to stay covered while nursing. You can read more about the Baby Bond Nursing Cover on their website (here are their Facebook and Twitter pages if those are things you are into!)

The Baby Bond nursing cover comes in three styles:

The Original, which is worn like a sash, allowing you to nurse from the top of your shirt and comes with a built-in burp cloth.

The Flex, which comes with a removable burp cloth, still allowing you to nurse from the top of your shirt.

And The Couture, which I received to review. The Couture is the most versatile of the three, allowing you wear the cover in two different ways - around your waist, covering your belly and back and allowing you to nurse from the bottom of your shirt, or as a sash, like the Original or Flex. This is also the only of the three that will change with your post-baby body as it is not a sized cover.

The Baby Bond comes in fantastic colors - Charcoal/Gray, Riviera (turquoise), Espresso/Chocolate (dark brown), Hudson/Night (black), and Classic (navy) - all subtle colors. The material (100% cotton), is so incredibly soft, almost silky. Also, the Couture rolls up into a pouch attached to the cover, making storage a breeze and very convenient.
I confess that I had the most difficult time trying to figure out exactly how to use the Couture. It did come with printed directions as well as a 3-step tag sewn onto to cover, even then, I had to use a video to get it right.

I found that getting the cover on "sash style" took quite some time - very hard to do while holding a ready-to-eat baby, and if I was trying to be discreet about what was happening, it wasn't doable with this cover.
Once I got the cover situated correctly, I found it very awkward to nurse in. I tried countless times to latch Caedmon on without exposing myself (something I have no problem doing while wearing a shirt over a nursing bra or tank).
Also, Caedmon would manage to get the fabric in his mouth while I was trying to keep myself covered. Caedmon all too easily moved the cover around, again exposing me.

I switched things up and tried to use the cover "belt style" and it felt very unnatural (and unnecessary) for me to use it that way.
I have read only raving reviews from moms around the web, so most moms who have tried the Baby Bond must love it! I think for me, it's just a matter that I've grown accustom, after 3 children, to nursing a certain way - there are times my husband has to ask if I'm nursing our son or not. If my husband can't tell, things must be pretty covered!

Have you tried one of the Baby Bond nursing covers? What are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: I was given a Baby Bond Couture Nursing Cover in Riviera for review. All opinions are my own and you may have a completely different experience.