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March 21, 2014

Chunky Cheeks Diapers

 Night time is such a dreaded time in my house hold. Not because children scream and throw fits because they don't want to go to bed but because I never know if what I am putting on my 2 1/2 year old will hold up though the night...will we be washing bedding in the morning or will we have clean sheets?

That's where Chunky Cheeks Diapers come in to play. After a year of night time diaper struggles and trying so many different things (even nasty disposables {BARF}) we have  found a couple of diapers that will hold up to my son's ability to pee like a horse.  Our Chunky Cheeks diaper has worked wonders for us. Chandra, the WAHM behind this awesome diaper sent me this cute Monster Rock print fitted diaper to try out on my boys.

This is a new style diaper for Chunky Cheeks Diapers, it is a hybrid fitted. It consists of an outer cotton fabric, a hidden layer of ply fleece and a cotton velour inner.

 The hybrid fitted comes with two snap in soakers so you can easily adjust how absorbent you need the diaper to be for your child. They are topped with the soft velour fabric to help keep your little one comfortable. The soakers can snap individually onto the shell of the fitted or they can snap onto each other and then onto the shell. Pretty neat!

 This hybrid fitted is a one size (OS) diaper, featuring a fold down rise. You can see the snaps lined up across the front of the diaper as well as the inside in the picture below.
 This is the diaper on the smallest size setting using the cross over snaps on the wings. How cute is that?
 Such a fun diaper!
 Here is the diaper set to the larger rise setting and the wings snapped as close as they go with out crossing over.
 I have used this diaper on both of my boys. Here below, if Micah my 19 pounds 7 month old. The diaper had a great fit on him. I used the rise folded down on him.
 The wings crossed over just a tad because he is still smaller.
 Here is the rise folded down.
 Because Micah is a smaller guy and this is a fitted there was a little extra bulk on his behind but he didn't care. :)
 I love the fit around the legs that we got on Micah.
I would love to share pictures of Zeke (2 1/2 yrs) wearing this diaper but lets just say ...that it is pretty much impossible to get a picture of that boy holding still or where there isn't a hand grabbing the diaper. So I will just share about his fit.

We use the rise up on him and the wings are opened up just a little bit. He has a fairly narrow hip width so there is a lot of room for growing in this for him yet...however I really hope he potty trains soon...

The fit around the legs was great, we never had marks left around his legs from using this all night which is great. The only thing I did notice with this is because it has the fold down rise when the rise is not folded over the snaps on the inside of the diaper were up against his skin (which isn't a huge deal) but he did have some snap in prints on his outer hips from where they were up against him all night. But he wasn't bothered by them at all. This diaper is able to hold a lot of pee, It is now, as I said earlier, one of two night time diapers that I have that actually last though the night on Zeke which is great. I was really getting frustrated with him peeing though all the time and HATED HATED putting him in disposables at night but it was the only thing that worked. So this Chunky Cheeks hybrid fitted diaper was a huge night time life savor for me...Zeke...

While trying out awesome diapers I am always curious about the mama behind them. So here is a little big about Chunky Cheeks Diapers and their maker, Chandra!
Chandra started making diapers and covers for her daughter and some friends around 9 months ago. She then opened her etsy shop to start selling her diapers in November.
Chandra and her family are located in Oklahoma. You can find her online at her etsy shop or her facebook page to see all her great products.

 Chandra started making diapers for her daughter because she has really sensitive skin. She couldn't have any kind of synthetic fabric against her skin, no microfleece, no minky etc. Her skin also really needed something more breathable then PUL but Chandra needed something that was going to keep her couch dry as well. Being pretty oblivious to the WAHM world at the time, it was really hard for her to find diapers for her daughter that didn't cause her to blister and still let her skin breath. Eventually Chandra discovered fleece covers and bamboo fitteds and that's where it all really started. She started making fleece covers for her an then kind of combined the idea of the bamboo fitted with the fleece cover to make the two's which is what she started out selling. After being introduced to the WAHM world of hybrid fitted, she fell in love with them.
Chandra currently only makes the hybrid fitteds and fleece in two's. The main reason for that is she only likes to make things that her daughter would be able to wear. It was hard to find something that would work for her and she knows her little girl isn't the only one out there with sensitive skin issues. You can also find other diapering accessories like fleece covers, wipes and wool longies at Chunky Cheek Diapers.

Chunky Cheeks diapers has offered up a great giveaway for our readers. The diaper pictured below you will have the opportunity to win! Isn't it great? All you need to do is enter  via the Rafflecopter form below.

They also have offered up a discount code if you would like to make a purchase from their site.  Use the code CDA10percent which will be good the whole month of February!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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We have 5 of her diapers and they are excellent! The prints she chooses are absolutely adorable! My go-to diaper!

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