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March 20, 2014

Moraki Cloth Diapers AI2/Pocket

Recently I was contacted by a company called Moraki. I was asked to review their AI2/Pocket diaper. Typically when I hear a diaper being called different things  like and AI2 and a pocket diaper I tend to be leery because, well, lets face it do they every really work that great as both? I checked the Moraki diaper out online and thought they looked pretty nice and decided to give them a try. I received this super cute Christmas Elephant print for my boys to use.

This Moraki diaper should fit 7-40 pounds.
 The diaper features two rows of snaps across the waist as well as 4 diaperdifferent rows of snaps for rise adjustment. It also has extra hip snaps to help keep it  from getting wing  droop.

 So why is this diaper considered an AI2/pocket diaper?  When you open the diaper you notice nice soft fleece and a flap across the front of the diaper. In the middle of the diaper the fleece is split open. In order to use this diaper as an AI2 all you need to do it lay the insert on top of the fleece and you can tuck the insert under the flap on the front of the diaper to help keep the insert for getting the babys clothes wet. If you would like to use the diaper as a pocket diaper you just take the insert and stuff it down into the  front, turn the diaper and then stuff in the back then close up the fleece pocket.
 The inserts are made in a loop form to help keep drying time down to a minimum.
There are three different sizes of inserts. Which you can use according to what size rise setting you have the diaper set to. However I use them all for the same baby. :)
 Here is the diaper on Micah, my 6 month old who weighs 18 pounds. I have it on the second rise setting and have to snaps open across the waist. The fit is great on him. I have also used this diaper on my 2 1/2 year old who is around 35  pounds and had the rise open all the way with about 4 of the waist snaps open. There is still plenty of room for him to grow, I probably could have had the rise snapped down just one for him to and that would have worked as well.
 The diaper is trim as are the inserts.
How did I like this diaper? Over all I really liked it. My son really isn't fond of having wet diaper against him so using this as and AI2 on him wasn't the most fun for him but we didn't have any leaking issues while using it as an AI2. I did three AI2 uses in a row and the cover stayed nice and clean and did not get smelly at all from being used over and over which is great. While using the diaper as a pocket we also had success. Micah was much happier using it as a pocket diaper rather than an AI2 because it offered him is favorite stay dry feel with the  soft fleece it has lining the inside of the diaper.

For fit we were able to get it nice and snug with the snaps on it. We have yet to leak though this diaper. I don't think I have used it as a night time option but I think it would work great because the inserts are really nice and absorbent plus you can stuff what ever you need absorbancy wise inside the pocket or if your child doesn't get bothered with the wet feeling you can just place inside what you need and use it as an AI2.

My hesitancy to try out a diaper that is considered an AI2/Pocket diaper has now gone away as this diaper really worked great for us while being used as both styles. If your looking for this style diaper Moraki is a great option plus they have different cute prints to choose from as well.

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Meleakua said...

thanks for the giveaway! these sound like great diapers!
happy new year! :)