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March 14, 2014

Newborn Series: SwadddleBees SImplex Newborn

Sweet Bottoms cloth diapering store carries a nice selection of newborn cloth diapers. Including the Swaddlebees Newborn Simplex diaper, which they sent me to use and review for our Newborn Cloth diapering series.

A little about the Swaddlebees Simplex NB:
-waterproof outer and 100% birdseye cotton on the inside.
-AIO diaper with a quick dry style
-fits 6-16 pounds
-Openings on both ends so attached extra soaker can shift out in wash.

The Swaddlebees Simplex retails for $16.95

The Swaddlebeex Simplex newborn diaper comes in a variety of colors and adorable prints. I was sent this pretty blue color.  In the picture below you can see the snap down for the babys cord. The diaper is set to the smallest setting.
 (sorry about the sideways picture...can't turn it!) Below is the diaper with the cord snap open.
This diaper features a double row of snaps across the waist with two snaps on each wing.  This is a feature I like because it (in my opinion) helps to keep the diaper up on the baby rather than rolling down if there is only one row of snaps.
 The diaper is so cute and tiny! here is the outside, very simple like its name!
 The inside of the diaper is the birds-eye cotton. Here you can see the diaper is ready to be put on a baby. The extra attached soaker is tucked into the pocket.
 Here you can get a better understanding of how the extra attached soaker works. It agitates out in the wash so you don't have to worry about digging in and pulling it out. After its washed you just simply tuck it back in and your good to go.
 Close up of the birds-eye cotton.

 Here is the SS NB on Micah with the cord snap snapped down. He had already lost his cord when I took this picture but i still kept it snapped down for a while to allow the belly button to heal up. The waist snaps are set as small as it goes and he has a great fit while wearing it.

 You can see there is no gaping around his skinny little legs which means no leaking coming from this diaper.

How did this diaper work for us?
 We are VERY pleased with this diaper. I love the fit we get. Micah was around 8.6 when we came home from the hospital and at 3 weeks old he is now at 9.12 and the diaper is still fitting great with plenty of room to grow into it. I wasn't sure how I would like the inside birds-eye material in this diaper but its actually pretty absorbent and stays really soft. It doesn't offer the stay dry material but I don't think Micah really minds at this point. We haven't had any leaks with this diaper either and it is one I typically try and save for night time because it is so absorbent and Micah has gone up to 5 hours in between feedings so we need a good diaper to get us though the night and between feedings. This diaper has such a cute look to it as well!

Where can you get a Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn diaper? From Sweet Bottoms! You can also check out their other NB diapers while you are at their site as well. These diapers cost $16.95 and SweetBottoms offers free shipping on all US and Canadian orders under 4 pounds!

*I was sent a Swaddlebees Simplex NB diaper to use and review free of charge.*
*All opinions are my own and my experiences may differ from yours.*


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