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December 17, 2010

CaliBowls {Review}

A couple tidbits of information about me:

1- I'm always on the hunt for products that can make my home a safer place to live.
2- I'm kind of lazy. For example, I'd much rather rip off the paper towel and throw it in the trash than dig through the drawer to find a cloth rag and then walk it back, over toys, with kiddos on each leg and a baby in the sling to throw said rag in the laundry basket.

Anything that can make my home safe, and is an easy "switch" for me gets points in my book.

Enter The CaliBowl! Check out those bowls! (By the way, fun gets bonus points!)

The CaliBowl bowls are BPA free and unbreakable (while being dishwasher and microwave safe), and come in bold colors (like Retro Aqua Blue and Sunflower Yellow) and amazing sizes (95oz bowl, anyone?!)

A neat thing about these bowls that set them apart from any other bowl out there is the wave-lip around the rim. I can hear you now, "Why does my bowl need a wave?" I didn't think my bowl did either, until my bowl did! This special wave keeps the yumminess (aka: food) on your chip or spoon (I apologize for these pictures - I am not a food photographer, and well, chili just isn't pretty!)
Here comes the first bite out of the bowl
See how the wave-lip keeps the yummies on the chip?
Here you can kind of see how the wave sticks out a bit
And the yum yum stays on the chip!

We also purchased the Toddler bowls and while my boys, at ages 2 and 3.5, don't quite get how to utilize the wave to their advantage, they still love the bowls. The fact that it's made from safe materials makes me feel better about them using the bowls at meal times.

You can read about The CaliBowl philosophy, including their "Recycle-A-Bowl" program:

As an effort to eliminate all landfill contribution in line with Simple Wave’s “Zero Landfill Policy”, at the end of a product’s life, participants will have the option to return the CaliBowl™ product to Simple Wave to be recycled into new product. In return the participant will receive a 20% discount on their entire subsequent order through the CaliBowl™ online store.

Sounds great to us!

I would eventually love to replace all our bowls with CaliBowls (in coordinating colors!)

disclosure: I purchased The Santa Barbara Kid Pack and the La Jolla Bowls at discount for review. All opinions are my own.