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April 19, 2013

Free Range Family

The first time that I heard about "Family Cloth" or reusable toilet paper, I paused at the strangeness of the initial thought. After thinking about it for a second I realized that it is not much stranger than using cloth diapers, which many of us are guilty of. There is a satisfaction in moving your daily life towards sustainability and bit by bit is easiest. Here in our April Earth Days we get to explore one more way to live your life in a green and self sufficient way.

Free Range Family makes a variety of reusable home goods and I was pleased to be able to review her snapped roll of Family Cloth. I received these 20 double sided flannel  sheets with snaps that allow you to connect them all in to one long roll. I rolled them around the empty cardboard tube of a paper roll and placed it in my bathroom. Since I've received my Family Cloth, Free Range Family has upgraded their product to include a snap adapter on the first roll so it stays on better. Near the toilet, I placed a small wet bag that I use for a diaper pail already. After going through the roll, I washed the used ones in the diaper wash load. Each time that these are washed, they get more absorbent, just like new diapers! I sometimes use one piece but more often use two. The snaps don't seem to get in the way if you are mindful of them.

They fit well  on a standard size roll. 

The pattern is a fun design and the snaps hold well!

I am happy to have the Family Cloth in the house and love that we never have to live in fear of running out of toilet paper. I like to use it in our family bathroom and have paper in the bathroom downstairs for guests. I think that having these wipes without the snaps is a good option as well. FRF makes these as well here.

For Earth Day weekend, they are running a coupon code for 20% off your order so go check out Free Range Family's Etsy Page and use the code EARTHDAY20 for your discount!