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August 14, 2012

Bunzuke Cloth Convertabunz - Review

Trying out the Bunzuke Convertabunz 2.0 was too much fun! I first discovered WAHM Sara of Bunzuke Cloth via Facebook when a friend liked a picture of a custom Yoda diaper she made.
Living in a house with 4 Star Wars fans, I had to check out more. She is amazingly talented and creative!

One of her creations is an incredible little diaper called the Convertabunz. The Convertabunz is made up of Bamboo and Organic Cotton Bamboo. In the wetzone, there is a layer of ZORB for extra absorbency. Simply put, it looks like this:
It's nice and long when unfolded, and harbors lots of snaps!
It can seem a bit intimidating at first...But once you get the hang of it, a world of possibilities is available in this one diaper!
The inside has a stay dry strip -
that is actually a pocket!

Turn it inside out, and you have a trifolded prefold to lay inside a cover, or a super absorbent insert for your favorite pocket diaper!
 Inside out also reveals adjustable snaps to create a fitted diaper!
Showing the "Normal" setting on the left side, and preparing for a "Fitted" setting on the right
Squirmy baby alert: my guy will not lay still for diaper changes. Getting the Convertabunz on him 'prefold style' took forever, and this was unfortunately the best shot.
But, as you can see it is incredibly trim!
Here is the Convertabunz in a "fitted" style (created using the inner adjustable snaps)
Paired with a favorite cover
So trim!And offering so much protection!
We paired the Convertabunz {as a fitted} with a bamboo doubler and a fleece cover for nighttime and were so pleased with the results on our heavy wetter {no leaks}!

My pictures only touched the surface of the Convertabunz!
This picture is straight from the Bunzuke Cloth Hyena Cart, and shows how the Convertabunz can transform to perfectly fit your needs!
The Convertabunz can convert into the following styles of diapers:
  1. Snapping Newborn/Infant Prefold
  2. Snapping Infant/Toddler Prefold
  3. Fitted Newborn/Infant Diaper
  4. Fitted Infant/Toddler Diaper
  5. "Stay Dry" Snap-In Soaker {to almost any AI2 you may have in your stash}
  6. Pocket Diaper Insert
  7. Elasticized Insert
  8. Pocket to add Extra Absorbency
Please take a minute to watch this awesome video on the Convertabunz and see what all you can do with this one diaper!

Incredible, right?!
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Is this a diaper you would be interested in trying out? What 'fit' do you think you'd like best?

*Please Note: Sara will be adjusting the sizing of the Convertabunz soon, to include a Medium size. She will continue to be making Smalls and Larges, but just stretching the size a bit on the Large!*

Disclaimer: I received one Kelly Green Convertabunz from Bunzuke Cloth for review. All opinions are my own and you may have a different experience.