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August 21, 2012

Baby Babu Pocket Diaper Review

Baby Babu Pocket Diapers may look like your typical one-size pocket diaper at first glance, but there are a couple of neat features that make it stand out from others.

The 3 snaps on the wings allows for a great fit fit on your little one!
Probably my favorite feature - an extra gusset! Whenever I find a diaper with an extra gusset, I want to shout THANK YOU from the mountaintops! We put the extra gusset to good use with 2 year molars coming in. Let's just say, it worked, very well! ;)
Inside the pocket, there is a snap to hold the insert in place. At first, I didn't think I'd make much use of this feature. And then I realized how inserts in my other pocket diapers without this inner snap shift around - not a ton of shifting, but having that snap definitely makes me reach for this diaper before others (especially at a diaper change before a high-activity activity)
The Baby Babu has two openings - at the front, and the back - of the diaper, allowing the insert to agitate out in the wash. I've even left the insert snapped in and it still agitates out - and unsnaps itself. What does this mean for you? No touching a gross insert (if that is something that grosses you out!)
And can I just say, look at that snuggy elastic?! I was so worried about red marks on Caedmon's legs, but not once have we seen any. Just good solid elastic that holds in the most serious of messes!
My kiddo absolutely refused to stand up and allow me to take his picture. Did I mention that he's 2 now? And that he has my stubborn personality? ;) The fit looks funny here, but it's actually an amazing fit....
 Nice and trim. No gaps. No front pooching.
 Snug in the rear too.
I really, really loved the way this diaper performed. We have not experienced any leaks, #1 or #2, with the Baby Babu. The PUL is very thick (not cheap and flimsy feeling) - and a very fun, bright color!

At $11.99 per diaper, the price is great too!

The only thing that I wasn't a huge fan of regarding this diaper was the microfiber insert, as I prefer to use natural inserts. However, Baby Babu does offer the option to purchase a 4 Layer Bamboo Insert

Baby Babu also has other styles of diapers to choose from including Covers, AIOs, Flats, and Prefolds.

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Disclaimer: I received one Baby Babu Pocket Diaper for review. All opinions are honest and my own. You may have a different experience. Baby Babu is offering one Pocket Diaper for the giveaway.