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August 8, 2012

Newborn Series: Macaroni Baby AI2 Newborn

Macaroni Baby AI2 Newborn

A little about this diaper:
-Cover can be reused as long as its not soiled.
-Minky outer, hidden layer of PUL and inside is minky
-fits 7-12 pounds
-one wing snap for adjustable rise
-umbilical snap down.

Tarah from Macaroni Baby send me a newborn diaper with an extra insert as well as a super cute little blanket for reviewing and using. The fabric is so soft, I know it will be comfy on the baby.

In the picture below you can see the front of the diaper set to the smallest setting with the snap down for the cord.

This diaper has one snap on each wing for easy on and off. It also feature two rows of snaps which will allow the diaper to grow with your baby and give a higher rise. If you have the snap down for the cord then you would use the lower level of waist snaps. If the snap for the cord is not being used you can still use the lower level of waist snaps or you can use the top level to allow a higher rise.

The inside of the diaper is made with a super soft minky which will limit some of the wetness that the baby can feel but will not completely remove the feeling.  The insert is made with hemp fleece and topped with velour.

The insert has a simple snap in feature so easy to change out if you want to reuse the cover.
The blanket Tarah sent along with the NB diaper is matching with the cute blue and brown hands and feet minky. It has a snap in a corner so you can attach a pacifier or a toy to it for baby to play with!

Here is Micah around 9 pounds wearing the Macaroni Baby AI2 diaper. It is so soft! His cord had just fallen off so his button was still kind of yucky so I kept the cord snap snapped down.
 We didn't have any gaping issues around the legs with this diaper.
How does this diaper work for us?
Micah has had a great fit while wearing this diaper. The legs have a nice fit and with the cord snap open even the fit is great. Having the rise snap open makes the rise of the diaper higher and will allow the diaper to fit a little longer. I love how soft this diaper is as well. The material used to make it is adorable and it was made well. It also holds a good amount and we can do the normal 2 hour diaper changes with this diaper.

You can find Macaroni Baby's Facebook page here.

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