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February 7, 2012

Randumosity Mama Cloth

This post is strictly for the ladies...

Men, Look away....


This is your last warning...

And my friends who know me "IRL" that read this blog, we're about to become even better friends... ;)

While I was pregnant with our third child two years ago, I started to explore the option of mama cloth. I mean, we'd already been using cloth diapers for a few years, and I was really not loving 1) wasting money on feminine products and 2) the ingredients found in said products.

Image taken from Randumosity.com

I purchased a handful of mama cloth (cloth pads) from various WAHM's - I didn't want to commit to one brand and find that it didn't work for me, and boy was I glad! I think I purchased from 5 different shops/sites and the pads either bunched to one side or slid around or were just plain obvious (not good!!)

But then, there was Randumosity. I tried to figure out how to best describe how amazing and well-thought-through these pads are, but, Jami says it best:
"All Randumosity Pads are constructed from 2 layers of flannel, an internal core of organic bamboo batting for absorption and a layer of PUL to make them waterproof. The wings are two layers of flannel for back up and both are are turned and top stitched for comfort and durability. The Bamboo batting is super soft, absorbent, has no chemicals and is naturally anti-bacterial. And the heavy duty polyresin snaps are applied with a professional snap press and are secure and soft against the skin"

In summary:
  • absorption
  • waterproof
  • back-up
  • comfort
  • durable
  • secure
  • soft
All this and SO much more!
I particularly love that Jami use bamboo in her mama cloth. Through cloth diapering (and just greening up our home in general), I've come to love bamboo as a fiber/material used in our cloth items, whether it be diapers, napkins, nursing pads...or mama cloth.

Randumosity Mama Cloth comes in 9 sizes, from a thong liner to a super pad (for overnight and heavy flow use). Purchasing is so simple. You can either order singles or sets through the website, or check out the RTS (Ready To Ship) album on the Facebook page (do note though, if you care, if you post on Jami's RTS album that you'd like to purchase, it will show up on the lovely Facebook feed - haha! I placed an order and had a friend instantly message me, "You're putting ALIENS in your UNDERWEAR?!?!?!? And more importantly...is that a washable pad?!!?" Dear friend, did I convert you??) :-)

And the best part, you get to customize and pick your fabric. Here is where, if we were talking in person, one on one, I'd say, "Girl, the fabric...you wouldn't BELIEVE what you can pick!!" Seriously. Awesome selection!

And sometimes, there are sales on the Facebook page, this is how I've chosen to build up my stash. I don't have nearly enough mama cloth to make it a full two days, much less a full cycle, but I'm just glad I've found a pad I can trust.

If you're interested in mama cloth, I urge you to take the plunge, and definitely check out Randumosity for high quality products.

If you have any questions regarding mama cloth, I would be happy to answer them here in the comments, on the CDA Facebook or Twitter page, or even via email at terra{at}clothdiaperaddiction{dot}com!

Have you taken the Mama Cloth plunge?
What are the names of the ones you like best??

Disclaimer: I purchased 2 Randumosity Mama Cloth in the past for my own personal use. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for this review.


Allison Barnes Collection said...

Yes, I currently use Randumosity pads as well as pads from Moms Crafts 4 U (etsy and facebook). I find the best pads from Randumosity are the velour-topped pads as they are softest and most comfortable. I find they can sometimes look a little obvious depending what I'm wearing due to the pad "shape" that is used, especially when I use the longer 10-inch pads for heavier flow. Moms Crafts 4 U pads are the most comfortable for me and I have the lowest incidence of leaks as well because her PUL is in the entire pad and wings. There is no obvious "pad" shape on the top of her pads which makes it less obvious looking and more comfortable for me. She uses fleece as the backing to her pads which helps them stay in place much better in my underwear. And I can use cotton-topped, flannel-topped or velour-topped pads from her and they are all equally comfortable and stay looking nice much better after many uses and washes.

You should check her out, her name is Veronica Perrin and she runs the online WAHM boutique "Eco Fab Mama" as well as her own shop "Moms Crafts 4 U"

Sorry for the long post - LOL! I love my mama cloth!

Terra Jones said...

Thank you for all that info on Mom Crafts 4 U! I will definitely look into hers as well!!

And do not apologize!! :-) We love comments :-D thanks for chiming in!

Hannah Avery said...

These look really cute! I also use Mama cloth and supplement with disposable ones. I really like 'Party in My Pants' brand. They are backed with PUL, not thick, and really cute! My mom taught me to wear a pair of tight girdle panties over my regular ones during my period to help hold everything tight. Works great!


Jennifer said...

I saw the washing instructions say not to wash on hot. Do you wash these with your cloth diapers or your other laundry? I do a cold rinse for my diapers but then I wash on hot...

Allison Barnes Collection said...

Jennifer I wash with my regular laundry - just on warm or cool. Definitely not hot as it can set in stains.

Rinse out your mama cloth in cool water before you toss them in your hamper (or store in a wetbag). I also rub a bit of soap (handmade soap from Eco Fab Mama) on the surface of the pad which helps prevent staining because I generally will wash my pads every few days or so (not every day).

Hope that helps!

Terra Jones said...

@Hannah - OK, I have to check out Party in my Pants just because of the name -- that's awesome!! :-D

@Jennifer, I actually do wash with my diaper laundry (otherwise, I totally forget...yuck) :( So they do go through on hot. My few from Randumosity, are dark colored, so I don't see any stains, but I have a few other lighter colored ones from other WAHM's and there are no stains on those. Allison gave great tips on washing and storing used mama cloth!

Thanks for chiming in ladies!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been ordering randumosity pads for years (for real!) and I love the fit so much and they're really absorbant. However, the flannel doesn't wear that well over time. Most of my pads are really faded, especially on the tops of them. I dunno, since no one sees them that's alright.

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