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August 31, 2011

What I like...

I have been asked a few different times what are some of the things that I like for cloth diapering as far as favorite pockets, aio's, prefolds etc. So I thought I would through together a little post sharing what my favorites are!

Covers: I have tried numerous covers. WAHM covers and Big Brand covers. I have to say that so far the Big Brand Covers are the ones that have worked the best for us. This might not be true for everyone but it is for me. I get asked which is my favorite and that is a hard choice between the Thirsties Duo Wrap and the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. Here is why I like these two:
  • Thirsties: Comes in two sizes, awesome colors and prints, covers have rise adjusters, comes in velcro and snaps ( I personally don't care for the snaps on these covers), always can get a good fit on my LO, gussets are great on these, the color doesn't seem to fade, its a little stretchy so its easy to pull around a prefold or fitted. I guess the one thing I didn't like about these covers was that when I put them on my son (18m at the time) with a prefold they would start to sag and droop down after time because he was constantly moving around. I would recommend using a snappi with a prefold under this cover to help prevent this from getting saggy.
  • Bummis: Comes in fun prints (and white), available in 5 sizes (newborn-XL) I have only ever needed the small and medium. The large was to big on my older son, younger son hasn't grown into that size yet but probably will. Comes in velcro which I have found to hold up great. We have had our for a year now and it still looks practically brand new! Covers are very strong and durable and hold snug in place with out sagging. The legs do not have gussets on the SWW but I haven't found this to be a problem because they are sized and always fit around the legs just right.
Pocket Diapers: Pocket Diapers are probably my favorite kind of diaper because I can easily adjust the amount of absorbancy they have. Which is super because my boys are massive heavy wetters and I always have to add extra into the diapers they wear. Pockets make up the majority of my stash. I have tried so many different kinds of pocket diapers I can't even count the amount! Here is my pick for pocket diapers:
  • bumGenius 4.0: Now I know some people have issues with 'big brand' companies and would much rather prefer to support WAHM which is super but when you find a diaper that works for you, you use it. I have mostly BG 4.0 pockets and a few 3.0s. These are the pocket diapers I have had the most success with. They fit my skinny minny and my chunky monkey. I can say that even with the 'new and improved' velcro that I still HATE it and had almost all of my velcro 4.0 diapers converted. I find that the pockets are easy to stuff, easy to un-stuff. I don't the the shells have stained at all from poo but the inserts have but that's not a big deal. If I had a readily available clothes line they would sun out.
All In Ones (AIO's): Finding an AIO that is trim can be pretty easy. Finding an AIO that drys quick, dones't get stinky from holding so much bulk...that can be tricky. I have tried quite a few different brands of AIO diapers and liked them each for different reasons. Here are my picks for AIO diapers:
  • Bummis Easy Fits (Tots Bots): These are hands down my favorite AIO diaper...why? That's pretty easy, they are soft, super adorable prints and colors, they dry fast, they are trim, they UNSTUFF Themselves. Wait, what? An AIO that un-stuffs? Its all one piece but its insert is a long strip that you have to tuck into the diaper, that's why it drys so fast. I also like this because even though its an AIO it has a pocket that I can stick an extra hemp insert into for my heavy wetter. Here is the bonus: I have NEVER EVER had a stink issue with this diaper. A lot of my other AIO diapers tend to get stinky after a while. I have not had an issue with this diaper and stink. SWEET!
  • Drybees AIO: This was a favorite of mine when my son was smaller. I have a few of the size smalls were are so cute and trim. They also have a pocket that you can add extra inserts into. I found that the best way to dry these diapers was to turn them inside out after taking them out of the washer. Otherwise it did take longer for them to dry. As my son got older and started peeing more I noticed that he would leak more around the legs so I started using these less. Oh, these also hold up GREAT over time.
All In Two (AI2) Diapers: I will honestly say that I'm not a huge fan of AI2 diapers. Maybe its because the ones I have tried haven't really impressed me that much. Some have the snap in liner and you cansupposiely 're-use' the shell but after the baby pees the shell is all wet so why would you want to reuse it? My pick for favorite AI2 diaper is:
  • SoftBums: I think I liked this one because of the fit, softness, and least amount of problems. I never reused the shell though....
Prefolds: I have used only a handfull of different prefolds and my favorites were Bummis and Osocozy prefolds. They are pretty much identical and I can't tell the difference of which is which in my basket of prefolds.

Fitted Diapers: Okay here is where I turn sides and favor the WAHM's products over the 'big guys'. I have tried neumerous fitted from bigger companies and haven't been to impressed, they worked but never really gave me that 'tingly feeling' that you get when you find the right one...okay sorry i didn't know how to describe it. Give me a couple of adorable WAHM made fitted diapers and I am sold! My picks for fitted diapers are:
  • Star Baby Designs: Stinking adorable prints, pretty trim, snap in soaker, OS, absorbent, soft, you name it its there.
  • Cheeky Diapers: OS, cute prints, completely customized all the way down to the trim fabric! There is an additional snap in soaker, great for over night, bulker but not bad. Not as soft as it started out but not bad either.
Wet Bags:
  • Monkey Foot Designs: I like the waterproof material they use the best, plus the amazing prints they have.
  • Planet Wise: I love the variety of sizes they offer, cute prints, I have had fading and some hole appear on my bags though.
Wipes: I am for the most part using all cloth wipes which is going really good. I love my wipes from Ecobuns (Just bought more today) They are the right size and have a great material on the back for getting the yuck off in one swipe and the other side is a soft fun print flannel material. They are $1.50 a piece and I could probably make some myself for cheaper but I don't have time for that at the moment and Ruthanne, the lady who makes them, does a great job.

I would do more items but its time for me to get off the computer. I hope you liked my list of items I like the most. I will try and do a list of items like detergents, creams etc that I like in the next few weeks. Feel free to share your likes and dislikes in the comments below or if there is a kind of product you want to know what my favorite is of ask below! Thanks!

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