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August 16, 2011

Eco Paint

My boys and I always enjoy doing crafts together. It allows us some 'down time' (even thought it can get messy). But I think messes are just fine and dandy as long as they are happen for the right reasons. When doing crafts I try to think of ways to reuse items that I have lying around the house rather than having to spend money to buy new items. One of our favorite things to do it Paint...yes...paint...it is possible with a one year old and a two and a half year old. I recently went to visit my local cloth diapering store Ecobuns and while talking with Candis she asked if I would be interested in reviewing a new product they recently got in. Eco-paint. Sounds fun! So here is our adventure with this neat Eco-paint.

Eco-paint comes in a long tube with the containers stacked inside. The lid pops off really easy so if your kid grabs it off the shelf the containers are going to fall out.

This paint is different than most you would pick up at your local craft store. This paint is of course all natural, we will get to that later, but its also powder. You mix together how much you need with equal parts water and powder so in my opinion, no waste!
Eco-Paint comes in 5 fun colors: Blue, Pink, Green, Orange and Yellow. I thought from the sticker on top of one container that I would have purple paint but when mixed it turned out to be pink instead, not really a big deal.
So we decided to use our paint first to make a cool caterpillar craft. You need some Styrofoam balls, paint, paint brushes, pipe-cleaners in fun colors and a hot glue gun(for mom's and dad's to use only). I got a 6 pack of 2 inch balls from my local craft store. I was looking for something easy for the boys to use while painting to set the balls on and I happen to have an empty egg carton laying around so I cut it up and it worked great for the balls and the paint.
Mixing the paint is really easy to do. You just use equal parts paint powder to water and mix them together. I did find that the pink paint for some reason seemed runnier than the others but still functioned just as well. I did a teaspoon of powder to a teaspoon of paint and it made just the right amount for what we needed.
I mixed the paints in the egg cartons that I had cut up. This worked great for a couple but I noticed that some of the bottom of the egg cartons had small holes that did leak out a bit. They were just the right size for the paints and brushes though.
When I decided to do this craft I was baby sitting my nephew. We did this during nap time for my diaper model (Zeke) was sleeping and my son Eli (pictured below) and my nephew Cole got to paint with me.
The boys loves painting with this EcoPaint. They did really well too. This is typically considered a finger paint although for the craft we used here in this post paint brushes worked much better than fingers. My nephew Cole (below) had a blast too and was concentrating on getting every section covered with his blue paint.The boys only had patience to do about one ball each. I just wanted to get the project done so I painted the remaining balls. They did the blue and pink and I did the green. I am typically a fan of bright colors so when I seen the blue and the green I was a little bummed at first although they are both actually very pretty colors. But after using the other colors they went really well together and I am happy with all 5 colors that comes in the EcoPaint Tube.
Here are all the colors together: Blue, Pink, Green, Orange and Yellow. And after letting the balls dry overnight I assembled the caterpillar with toothpicks and the hot glue gun. You can use wiggly eyes if you have them but I didn't, I only had a permanent marker. You can use the pipe cleaners for the antennas too.
Over all I was VERY happy with EcoPaint. It worked great, the colors are fun. The boys loved watching me mix together the paint and water and seeing what happened.

Here is a little bit about Eco-Paint:
eco-kids® is a line of art supplies that gives children the tools to create using non-toxic, natural ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging. Powder based exploratory finger paint is handmade with natural and organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts from annatto seed, beets, carrots, curcumin, purple sweet potato, red cabbage and spinach, flour, cornstarch, wheat paste and earth clay. (5) 4oz. containers

Another thing with a lot of paints for children is that they have a strong oder. My hubby hates anything that has the slightest smell so this paint was great because smell as hard as I might I couldn't smell a thing!

If you would like to purchase some Eco-Paint for your kiddos you can head over to Ecobuns and check it out. They also carry Eco-Dough, which is like playdough but eco-friendly!