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August 8, 2011

Payton Fisher Bracelets

I was thrilled to be able to try out a Payton Fisher Bracelet! If you haven't heard of Payton Fisher Bracelets before, hold on tight because they are pretty neat! Lest I forgot something really important, I will share with you what Payton shared with me, because, obviously, he says it best:
My name is Payton Fisher and I am a certified business in the state of Florida. I had make a majority of products from necklaces, key chains, pet collars and leashes, lanyard, but the top seller and what people love are the survival bracelets I make. These survival bracelets are made out of 550 parachute cord, which means this cord can hold up to 550 pounds! Each bracelet contains 10-14 feet of this parachute cord! The military came up with this idea because they needed to hold a bulk amount of cord in a small place, so they made the bracelet. So if they ever needed to use this strong and durable cord in an emergency situation, all they have to do is unravel the bracelet!

I recreated this idea so people can represent their favorite sports team colors, college colors, organization colors or just your favorite colors! I make these bracelets in 5 sizes;
Kids (5 inches around)
Small (6 inches around)
Medium (7 inches around)
Large (7 1/2 inches around)
Extra Large (8 inches around).

These bracelets are made to last a very long time, guaranteed! These bracelets will not shrink, gain mold or mildew, or stink! These bracelets are machine washable!

I have 18 colors to choose from, giving you a very customizable option of over 5800+ color combinations to choose from!

You can order one of these awesome bracelets and other products from my website:

Your information will be very safe because all transactions go right through PayPal!

I mean, really?! Parachute cord?! That is awesome! I've never had the chance to jump out of an airplane, but I think it would be the coolest thing (but you have to get me on a plane first....ahem). I couldn't wait to get this bracelet in my hands (and on my wrist!) I was so curious as to how heavy it would be and how it would feel on my wrist.

Payton allowed me to pick out colors - such a hard job for me, but then I remembered football season is rapidly approaching so...
(That's Alabama Crimson Tide in case you were unsure) ;)
The bracelet sits perfectly on my wrist and doesn't move too much (which is very important to me - I like things to stay where I put them!) The bracelet has some weight to it, but not that noticeable (not anymore than any other chunky bracelet that I would wear). I was also worried if it would be scratchy against my skin, but it definitely isn't. It doesn't feel any different than any other bracelet I'd wear.
As for ordering and size - my wrist is 6inches around, so Payton said a small would be perfect. It is!
Payton has two different clasps to choose from: plastic (which is what I received) and a stainless steel shackle closure, which is pretty cool too!
I've worn my Payton Fisher Bracelet to church and to a couple of outings and have received nothing but compliments on it - it is QUITE the conversation starter!

I also wanted to put the "machine washable" to the test, and it held up GREAT (I did air dry, as I didn't think a plastic clasp would hold up that well in a hot dryer!) I washed it with dark towels since I thought the red might bleed, and it came out looking like it went in!

Payton loves to help out others! If you or your child is on a sports team, consider contacting him to get bracelets made in your team colors! He also does fundraisers for organizations, so be sure to contact him for a neat and unique fundraising opportunity!

Payton has offered a generous deal: The first 10 customers to purchase bracelets from his site will receive a free bracelet (not included is the stainless steel shackle). Just mention that you heard about the bracelets on Cloth Diaper Addiction!

Be sure to head over to her Facebook page to keep up with all the latest happenings! Let her know you found out about her awesome bracelets here!