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August 12, 2011

Don't pull your hair out yet!

Night Time Diapering Solutions and Tips!

Night time diapering seems to be on a lot of peoples minds. I heard of one lady who stuffed a pocket diaper with 2 prefolds, 2 hemp inserts and 2 microfiber inserts...now picture the thickness of that diaper!

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l It would be about this thick!ll
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Oh that poor baby! How did it ever move! Plus the mom said that after changing the baby after it leaked she would un-stuff it to find that hardly any of the inserts were wet...

Over stuffing a diaper will cause it to leak because it doesn't sit correctly around the legs on on the waist of your baby. If you want to use that much stuff for overnight I would recommend using a cover instead of a pocket diaper. These pocket diapers are only made to hold so much stuff so when you over stuff them it causes the elastic to gap away from your baby which isn't going to work.

Try this instead:
-Go for Hemp prefolds like Babykicks and add a microfiber on top for quick absorbancy. A prefold (hemp) will hold A LOT of pee and its still trim enough for comfort. The only thing with hemp is that it takes longer to suck up the liquid. So that is why its handy to put microfiber on top of it because MF soaks up quick! (If using a cover DO NOT PUT MICROFIBER DIRECTLY AGAINST BABYS SKIN- this will cause dryness and irritation!)

-Fitted Diapers: Go for ones that are made of cotton or hemp, avoid ones that are made with microfiber because not only will they be super puffy but they also won't hold as much. I loved my cheeky diapers fitted diaper. Goodmama also makes night time fitteds but they cost a TON. You can search Etsy.com and find some great fitteds.

-Consider Fleece of Wool Covers. A lot of people swear by fleece and/or wool covers for night time and never have a leak. I personally have never used these for night time so can't say to much about them.

Please let me know if you have more questions!