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September 13, 2010

Nursing Pads

Have you found the right nursing pads for yourself? I know that I tried plenty different kinds before I found the perfect ones for me. There are so many different options available out there to choose from. There are two major groups to choose from: you have disposable and reusable. I'm going to share my experiences with the ones I've used with you.

The disposable nursing pads I used are:

-Medela Disposable Nursing Pads:

Features and Benefits

  • Contouring pleats ensure a smooth, feminine shape.
  • Adhesive tape keeps pad in place and prevents shifting.
  • Individually wrapped for convenience.

My experience:There are nice disposable pads, they do however have a plasticy back on them to help prevent milk getting on your shirts. Also for me they can get kind of itchy. They have a contour shape which helps fit on you nicely without there being crease marks through your shirt. The tape really didn't work that great for me. Individually wrapped was handy for throwing in the diaper bag.

-Gerber Ultra Thin disposables:

Product Features

  • Gerber Ultra Thin Nursing Pads are Thin disposable pads provide no show protection.
  • It is soft, breathable material prevents soreness and chafing. Softer, more comfortable.
  • It is specially designed to draw moisture away from body.
  • Its moisture proof barrier, to prevent leaks and stains.
My experience: These are nice for it you are a light leaker. I constantly was leaking through these and having to change my pads, bra and shirts every couple of hours. They are soft to wear and I didn't have much of an itching problem with these. However they are not milk proof at all.

-Evenflo Comfort Select Pads:

Product Features
  • Soft inner layers dray moisture away from skin
  • Absorbent core provides protection against leaks
  • Discreet contour fit
  • 60 count
  • Lanolin soothes sore, cracked nipples
My experience: These were my favorite disposable nursing pads. I never leaked through them, they have a soft lining on them that goes against you, the price is good, and it has a leak proof outside. These are very discreat and you could hardly tell I was wearing them. I would occasionally have some itching but a simple readjustment would solve the problem.

Reusable Nursing Pads I've used:

-Gerber Reusable Nursing Pads:

Absorbent protection that can be washed and reused. Natural, 100% cotton inner-lining to absorb moisture and protect clothing. Economical and convenient.

My experience: These were the first reusable pads I purchased. I liked the thought of buying them once and being able to rewash and reuse them. They are pretty thin but slightly noticeable. Comfortable and wash up well. Can be washed with your regular clothes. However these are not waterproof and I would leak through them and have to change my tops.

-Knickernappies Reusable nursing pads:
Product Features:
Waterproof PUL, super soft custom-milled micro-fleece, and an interior absorbent layer of hemp make these breast pads a must-have item for any nursing mom.

My experience: These are my favorite nursing pads hands down. They are very soft, not itchy, fairly discreet, comfortable, leak proof and come in cute colors. I wash them with my diapers and line dry. The fleece is nice and soft up against you and these wash up great. I love these and will purchase these as gifts for some of my friends and family that are going to have babies and plan on nursing.

What are some nursing pads that you have used and loved? Share in the comments section.


Laura said...

I loved the Lansinoh Ultra Soft disposable nursing pads when I was nursing. I am a late comer to the world of cloth diapers and washable nursing pads. So I never tried anything but disposables. I had tried the regular Lansinoh nursing pads as well as the Medela brand, and I liked the Lansinoh Ultra Soft the best!!! I also used Lily Padz which are silicon reusable and washable leak-proof pads and I really liked them! They were great for at work when I was huge and engorged but didn't have time to pump!


Jen "Clarksgirl" said...

I have awesome luck with the Gerber Reuseable Nursing Pads. I agree that they are very light weigh and comfortable to wear. I however am maybe one of the luckier ladies that doesn't have leaking now that my DD is a little older and my body has regulated to her feeding schedule.

Cyndi said...

I really like the lansinoh pads. They are individually wrapped and also have a small sticky section in them to keep them in place.

ashley said...

Lansinoh pads are my favorite. I love how they are individually wrapped and the sticky section on the back to keep them in place on your bra. But I'm thinking of totally trying the Knickernappies resusable.

MommyMarissa said...

I leak like crazy still! My son is five months old. I haven't found a reusable one I like, so I may have to try the knickernappies. Right now I use the Lansinoh pads. Love them.

I did feel kind of gross when I went swimming with them in. They grew about an inch thick!! It was crazy. (And kind of gross)


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