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July 25, 2010

GroVia Hybrid AI2

Its so hard to resist a new diaper. That's why I purchased a new GroVia for my two boys to 'share.' I love getting new diapers to try out on the boys because I can really put them to the test. Especially if they are a 'one size' diaper since I have a 22 month old and a 3 month old to put it on. So here is what I've got for you on the GroVia diaper:

First Impressions:
I first found this diaper online, thought it was cute, loved the prints. However slightly confused about how it works, and how it was put together. I'm a big 'need to see before buying' kind of girl. So when I heard that my local store Ecobuns was getting them in stock I got excited! So off I went to get a hands on experience with this diaper. I picked it up off the self and was amazed at how super soft it felt, almost wanted to rub it on my cheek just to make sure I wasn't kidding myself! The outside of the diaper has a great aplix, its super strong which means my toddler will have a hard time getting it off (heck, I have a hard time getting it off). Another thing I love about this diaper is that with the aplix there is not a huge white strip of velcro across the waist of the diaper. The tabs stick right to the fabric on the front and can over lap each other for the little ones. Plus the prints are so cute! Which is always a bonus. It has three rise setting on the front.

Now, lets take a look inside. The tabs on the diaper are really neat. I always stick down the tabs on my other diapers to keep them from sticking to their friends while in the wash, but they never can keep to themselves. With the GroVia, there is a special loop you tuck the tab under to keep it in place while washing, and it actually stays. It however takes a time or two to master the process of getting it underneath the loop with out it sticking to everything because its so strong. Its worth it though! Inside the cover of the diaper is a cream colored mesh lining. Wow is all I have to say...I am more than willing to put that against my baby's bum because of how soft it is. There are two snaps on the inside of the cover that you attach the liner to. The liner is kind of like two cotton inserts sewn together to form a loop, which helps with drying time. The outer part of the liner has nifty little leg gussets on it to help keep messes in. One thing I loved about this diaper when I first opened it up was how thin it was between the legs. Some of the diapers I put on my 3 month old keep his legs so far apart he can barely touch his toes together but not with this one. So for my overall first impression: I was quite impressed.The insert snaps into place and lays nice and flat inside the diaper. If its set on the smallest setting you have to push it down a little in the front so it does not stick out. You can also see in this picture the mesh lining and the laundry fold over loop tab.
In the picture below you can see on the top the extra leg gusset on the insert as well as one of the snaps.

Now lets put it to the test:
After a few washes to remove the natural oils and a quick dry in the dryer I was very eager to put it on one of my boys...which one though... I picked my 3 month old to test it first. I set the rise to the smallest setting, made sure the liners were attached correctly slid it under his bum, folded it over and velcroed it on. How stinking adorable! I loved the fit, style, design, colors, and the fact that not only could he touch his toes together but his chubby little thighs could touch too! So I snapped a few pictures and went to get him dressed then realized that he had peed in the diaper as I was putting it on him, he must have been excited to try it out to. So since we were getting ready to head out the door I put a new diaper on him and had to wait to use it again.The above picture is on a 3 month old, set to the smallest setting. The tabs are touching but not over lapping, I have a chubby little guy! The picture below shows the diaper from the side. I didn't think it was as puffy as it looks in the picture. Its actually fairly trim on him. I also like that the legs are cut higher on this diaper, unlike the previous diaper he had on ( I think a prefold with a cover), you can see the red marks it left.

Next try went on my 22 month old. And he put it to the full test. After about an hour and a half he had a big poopy. We dont have a diaper sprayer so we do the dippin and swishing in the toilet. It came of fairly good for the most part but was kind of tricky to get the spots located on the gussets of the liner. If you had a sprayer it would probably come off just fine.The above picture is on my 22 month old. The tabs are almost touching in the front. This is set on the biggest setting with plenty of room to grow. I have a really skinny toddler! I really like how thin this diaper is in between the legs. In the picture below you can see the diaper from the side...my toddler is a wiggler at diaper changing time, especially when mommy wants a picture! I really like how snug it is around the legs but it didn't leave bad red marks like other diapers have.

The diaper fit very nice on both boys. We didn't have any leaks, it fits snug around the legs, and the adjust-ability on the waist is great. I love that the tabs can over lap each other. Overall I am pretty happy with this diaper and might purchase a couple more in the future. They average $24.95 a piece and come in 6 different colors and 4 fun prints. You can get a 2pk of extra inserts as well as a 2pk of extra liners for extra absorbency.

*This review is of my own personal opinion. I was not paid to write a review on the GroVia, and I purchased it with my own money.


Carly said...

Great Review!! I just purchased 2 Gro Baby's .. That I got on sale....I cannot wait to try them out!!..I have yet to purchase a Gro Via.

danamarie said...

I like that diaper!!! your reviews may make me get a few of them! I have 3 of the covers and the prefolds and I do not like them at all. Kaiden takes them off and they are so bulky on him. I may try these for him. I still have to say I LOVE my BG organics though!!! I may try these for wash day!!!! Thanks for the review!!!!

Kristina said...

Carly, Thanks! The GroVia is the new version of GroBaby! I hope you enjoy them. They are a really nice diaper!

Kate and Cole said...

It looks like a cute diaper and definitely less bulky than the other ones I've seen on the boys!

Katie A. said...

I tried one of these awhile back when it was Grobaby and wasnt that impressed. Maybe I should try again now that its Grovia :-)

Kristina said...

Im am enjoying it. Not the first diaper a grab but maybe the second or third. You really have to do a bunch of washing on the inserts to get them good and prepped to use.

kristen said...

This is not was I was hoping...leaves huge red marks on my SKINNY girl, and I don't really like the curved insert...it bunches up too much when the diaper is on the smallest setting. Cute covers tho...

nwkent25 said...

I am about to move across country with a CD baby and was actually looking into these. My baby seems to have a sposie sensitivity so I am a little hesitant to try the BioSoakers...any experience with the disposable inserts?? I like that I will be able to use it as a cover over my prefolds if she can't handle the BioSoakers. I like to see things in person too and I finally found a Whole Foods that carries them so after reading this I may go check them out!!

Christina said...

Thanks for your honest review! I am new to CDing and I am thinking about getting a few of these.

Erin said...

I have used these exclusively on my son, now 4.5 months since he was around 6 weeks (9 pounds). We are very happy with our purchase. We love the versatility of the fit and with a diaper sprayer they are super easy to rinse. We only run them through the dryer once and then lay them out or hang them slightly damp to sun bleach/dry (saves energy and keeps warranty intact-No bleaching). The covers are strong. We do have occasional leaks from the legs, but our little guy is skinny and he only leaks when he is on his side. Now that he is filling out, they are fitting much better. As far as initial washing before use... I have found that most CDs require multiple pre-washes to get the material to it's optimum absorbancy.

(@ comment #5), with the company change, they changed some major design elements of the diapers due to customer's reviews/comments/feedback including adding the gussets and the wash loops. Definitely recommend trying again.

(@ comment #8), we have used the disposable inserts and they are great! especially for traveling. However, our little one doesn't seem to have any skin issues so far so we had no problems. They are just as absorbent as a regular disposable. You may want to shop around a bit for the best price on those.

GroVia makes the Hybrid AI2 reviewed here, they also sell the shell only to fit over any prefold, and have a new AIOne. I prefer the AI2 because I only go through 2-3 shells/day and 8-10 inserts. With the AIOnes you'd have to buy a ton of them. We bought the GroVia Live package (12 shells, 24 inserts, 4 boosters)...later we purchased some additional liners to postpone washing a little longer. They also make a diaper ointment called the Magic Stick that is like a giant chapstick...it is all organic, AND it keeps your fingers/hands clean! We call it the "butt-stick"...it is $13/stick, but we are still on our first one after 4 months :)

Overall, they are super easy and quick to change as well... way less time consuming than a prefold.

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