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December 28, 2012

TotsBots EasyFit OneSize Snaps

 We all (should) know that my favorite diaper is the Totsbots easyfits. I was very excited about them coming out with new prints and minky inside but was very hesitant about wanting to even consider using their new snap diapers. I was really afraid they would just be way to small on my older son who is diapered. However I was getting pretty desperate at getting my hands on their new prints so I decided to give one a try. Here is a stock photo of one of the snap diaper. As you can see the tabs are shorter than their aplix diapers. This is supposed to allow for new babies to wear the diaper with out having to need cross over snaps.

 So here is the super cute Three Little Pigs print. (its way brighter in person). It has the three rows of rise snaps and the double row of snaps across the waist. Sorry my picture is kind of crappy. :)

 I decided to compare the waists of the snaps (left) and the aplix (right). They look very similar in size when they are both closed up as tight as they will go.

 So the ultimate test is on my 2 year old who is around 30-32 pounds. These diapers weight range go up to 35+ pounds. We still use it on the middle rise setting and have no issues with that. For the waist snaps we have 3 sets of snaps open. We did get a good fit on Zeke with the diaper with some room to grow. If your child has really big hips they would probably not fit in to this diaper very long.
 Booty shot! Nice fit!
 I love how trim this diaper is. There is less bulk on the from with snaps than aplix (at least I think there is) and the back side is super trim as well!

 The second big test was on my newborn Micah. I waited until his cord fell off before trying it out on him. The rise is set to the smallest rise and the waist snaps are closed all the way
as you can see the diaper is not to overwhelming and huge on him, it has a nice fit.
there is a little bit of a puff on his bottom but by the time you get clothes on him its not really noticeable. The fit around his skinny legs was great as well.

And another angle of the diaper on him.

Micah is now 6months old and around 18 pounds. We still use these diapers on him and they work great, the rise is now on the middle setting for him and the waist is open just a little bit more. I think the snap option of the diaper would be best for skinner babies/toddlers. My 2 1/2 year old also still fits into these with the rise all the way open and about 4 of the waist snaps open. He still fits great into this diaper at around 35 pounds.


Kim3278 said...

TB are my FAVORITE diaper. Favorite. I'm so anxiously waiting the new prints to come out in the states.

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