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December 20, 2012

The Sili Squeeze!

The Sili Squeeze is made out of silicone which is BPA-PVC and Phthalate free. It comes with four pieces that assembly together to create a reusable food pouch for your little one to eat from. 
I received the 4 ounce Sili Squeeze with a spill proof nipple as well as a Squeeze with Ease spout.

The pieces are the pouch, the ring which attaches to the nipple/seal and the lid to help prevent leaks when not in use. 

Here it is! 

The lid has a knob in the middle top of it which fits right into the nipple which blocks it from leaking when your little one isn't using it 

The nipple is attached permanently to the seal which screws onto the ring at the mouth of the pouch. I was nervous about not being able to get it completely clean but we have not had any issues.  

The ring has a divot that lines up to the matching spot on the pouch. 

(I didn't realize that it had this until I tried to use it once and it kept leaking! Go me!)

The nipple/seal combo screw right on similar to a bottle or sippy cup. It seems tight the first few times that you use it but that is to ensure that it won't leak after continued use. 

This is where we ran into a small issue. While we were trying to tighten the nipple/seal to the ring, the pouch would twist and make the divot not line up. Once you figure out how to hold the ring and pouch together, you can make sure that it doesn't spin. It will also get easier to put the nipple on after a few uses. They make it tight so that you won't have leaking as you use it more often.

Kynlie loves to squeeze it. I love that it doesn't squirt all over!

She kept trying to figure out how it didn't spill out when she would shake it. She loves to make a mess with our "spill proof" cups. We put juice in here too and it never spilled.

Sili Squeeze it great for babies of all ages. My 3 year old and 5 year old each were so happy when they got a turn to use it as well. Their favorite was homemade applesauce that they got to bring in the van!

Sili Squeeze is amazing for purees, sauces, fruits or veggies. We even put homemade pudding in it a few times and it worked great.

They are great for on the go, at home, for a snack or a meal. It helps to build your little ones independence and self feeding.

She gets so excited when I put a treat in her Sili Squeeze! Kynlie's favorites are yogurt and "smoothies".
You can find all sorts of recipes here to use with your Sili Squeeze..

To fill it, we use a couple of different techniques. We used a basic spoon to fill it but that was time consuming although worked well with not any spilling. We also used a basic food funnel. Depending on what type of puree or food you are putting in, this may not work. It really depends on the thickness and consistency. Pudding did not work with the funnel. 

Sili Squeeze come in two sizes (4oz and 6oz) and there are a variety of colors to choose from. You can also choose to get the Squeeze with Ease which has an open end on the nipple so that older kids can enjoy them as well. 

Overall, we loved the Sili Squeeze. The kids still fight over who gets to have a turn with it. Although it was tricky to figure out at first how to get it to not leak and to get to the point where the nipple would screw on easier, we still love it. I love that fact that you can reuse it and make your own foods to put in it. 

You can find Sili Squeeze on Facebook here.
You can purchase Sili Squeeze here.

We would like to say Thank You to Sili Squeeze for sponsoring a giveaway for our 12 Days of Clothmas!

Let us know what you think!

Disclaimer: I received one Sili Squeeze  for review. All opinions are honest and my own. You may have a different experience.