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June 25, 2012

Kristina's Favorites

Every now and again I like to share what some of my favorite cloth diapering items are. You might think it becomes kind of repetitive but honestly, what I love is constantly changing! So below you will find some of my favorite cloth diapering items!

Cover: Bummis Super Whisper Wrap - I really like how strong and durable this cover is. It doesn't feel thin or cheap and I Like that it doesn't have the exposed PUL on the inside like other covers have. I wish it were more of a OS or two size option rather than having to get it in all three different sizes. I also found that there is a pretty big gap between the sizes but haven't had issues with the fit being to big when sizing up.

Fitted: PoopsieDoodles fitted diapers are my favorite. I have tried out quite a few and have found that they tend to get hard after they have been peed in which I am sure isn't that comfortable. However with the PoopsieDoodle it is made of a knit cotton outer and a velour inner so its so soft and doesn't get so stiff after its wet. We use fitteds mainly for night time so DS is in it a long time and he is comfortable in this one. It also has an incredible soaker that snaps in to it and drys nice and fast.

Prefold: This one is a little trickier for me as we don't really use prefolds a whole lot anymore because, well DS outgrew the ones we have. However I think the Bummis prefolds and the OsoCozy prefolds are both really nice. I do however like using the Smart Botoms hemp prefolds for night time, tri-folded and stuffed inside a pocket diaper for night time usage.

AI2: My favorite AI2 currently goes to Ragababe's snapped 2Step diaper...sounds like a mouthful of a name but the diaper works great so its worth saying. It also too me about a year to convince myself to even attempt to buy one which is a trick in and of itself but I was lucky to get a few and am very impressed with them. The 2step diapers come in 3 different sizes. You can get the different sizes with or with out snaps (depending on what has been stocked) I prefer the snapped ones which allow us to get a better fit. The snapless were still a little to big but with the snapped I can adjust the rise and get them to fit just right on my DS. The inserts on these are also very soft and the outer shell is reusable after just being peed in. I just let it air dry in between diaper changes.

AIO: TotsBots EasyFit hands down. I think this is one diaper on my favorites list that has not changed over the past 2 years. The fit has always been fantastic on my son from about 4 months old when we got our first one up to today where it still fits great at 2 years old. The Totsbots has the best aplix closure ever and the diapers are nice and trim.

Pocket: Pocket diapers are probably the trickiest for me to decide on. Right now we don't really use the pocket diapers that we have except for at night time. Those would be the bumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers (Snaps). And we use a hemp prefold inside of them, not the microfiber inserts. I do have to say we have had this for a very long time and I am honestly impressed with how well they have been holding up. I did have them converted to snaps because I hate BG aplix but other than that the elastic is great, the stitching is all holding up nicely, they don't really stain although they do have a little dingy look to some of them but overall the quality of the diaper is still really good.

Detergent: I have tried a ton of different detergents but what has worked great for us is Ecosprout. I am very happy with how well it cleans our diapers, we don't get much with stink issues expect for night time diapers but that is kind of a given. It also comes in some great scents too.

Butt Cream: Grandma El's is our go to cream for when DS's bottom starts to get a little red.

Wipes Solution: WATER! Yup, thats all I use! I keep a wipes warmer next to the changing table and when I refill it with wipes I pour a glass of water over top of them.

Wet Bag: Planet Wise medium wet bag that has a handle on it. Its a nice bigger size but not to overwhelming to fit into the diaper bag plus it can easily fit a day's worth of diapers in it as well as dirty clothes if you need someplace to put them.

Pail Liner: Planet Wise pail liner is also my favorite. The size is just right for both of my pails which are different sizes. These liners hold in water well that comes off diapers that have been sprayed and doesn't allow the water to seep though the liner into the pail itself.

Wipes: My favorite wipes are ones made with flannel on one side and either sherpa or terry material on the back side. I have found that having a little more rough but still soft material on the back side helps to get the poop off the bottom way better than just flannel. But I love having the flannel on one side because its soft and gentle, especially when baby has a rash.

Day Time Diaper: This one goes to the EasyFits (listed as favorite AIO above) Quick to put on, take off, great aplix, all around great diaper.

Night Time Diaper: This goes to poopsiedoodles fitted diaper with a bummis cover or thirsties cover over top. This fitted stays nice and soft even after being pee'd in unlike other fitteds I have tried that just get hard and uncomfortable.

Daddy Friendly Diaper: The one my DH always wants is the Easyfit! He loves how easy it is to go on and he loves the quick sticky aplix!