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June 28, 2012

Jen's Favorites

Jen's Favorites

One of my favorite times of the year is when we get to tell you our favorites when it comes to cloth diapering. I can tell you that it is very hard to choose because I honestly love cloth diapering and have been very pleased with just about every diaper that we put on Kynlie. I am truly addicted to cloth diapering!

: Thirsties Duo wrap and covers. I love that the duo wrap comes in two sizes so you will be able to use them for much longer. And the diaper cover is great with the leg gussets to keep in all those messes. And there are some super cute prints! (Have you seen the new scottish rose and scottish storm? So adorable)

Fitted: We are not huge fitted fans at our house-well my hubby isn't so we don't have too many but I recently discovered the bamboozle by Tots Bots and we really like it! It has the same hook and loop as the Easy Fits. There are two sizes that each have a rise as well.

Prefold: Bummis organic cotton-we really don't use prefolds anymore because we have such a wiggle worm but when we did, we loved the bummis!

AI2: Grovia hybrid-you can choose from hook and loop, snaps, stay dry inserts or organic. We love our snaps with the organic insert! We have the older style print called Mod flower and they do have some adorable new prints out as well!

AIO: I am a huge AIO fan so this is very hard for me to pick! I love the ease in which you can throw the diaper on and how quickly they are to put away after washing. My current go-to AIO diapers are BGEs(BumGenius Elementals) and Tots Bots Easyfits. We use the BGEs as our nighttime diapers and they work great for us. Our easyfits take up most of our stash and we have a "set" that goes in the diaper bag. We love these for babysitters and to take to Grandma's house because they most resemble a disposable.

Pocket: I love all pocket diapers! I may be a nut but I love to stuff diapers while I watch tv after the kids are in bed. It is so relaxing for me. My top three picks though are BG 4.0s, Fuzzibuns sized (we are still in smalls so they last a long time) and Sunbaby.

WAHM: Chelory-She makes AMAZING diapers. It is tricky to get them because they are on a stocking schedule but they are so worth it! We love the AIO style in both organic and stay dry. See my review here.

Detergent: I have tried many different kinds of detergent but Kynlie does the best with Ecosprout. I have a review coming up soon with Soft Bottoms so wait to see what happens!

Butt Cream: Grandma El's-this stuff is amazing. It has always worked well for us and I have not tried anything else because we have not needed to!

Wipes Solution: I like to dissolve some wipes cubes into warm water and squirt it over the wipes. If I am out of it though, water works just great. I like to warm it up for Kynlie. :)

Wet Bag: Planet wise. I love that is folds into itself and then comes out for washing. And how can you go wrong with over 50 prints!

Pail Liner: We love our WHAHMIEs pail liner. It is still super stretchy and has never had any stink or stain issues. It even has a little tab for TTO if you wanted to put some on!

Wipes: There is a local mama who makes them for our brick and mortar store and they are AMAZING! You can get them at Ecobuns!

Daddy Friendly Diaper: My hubby actually prefers anything with snaps!

We'd love to hear some of your favorites! Share them in the comments or on facebook!


I am sure you have heard us talk about Ecobuns before-it is an amazing local brick and mortar store located in Holland MI. Well they are calling all Dads for the CAN Challenge! If you haven't heard of the CAN challenge check it out here! It is a fun nationwide event happening now with great prizes!! If you are local, Ecobuns will be hosting a challenge in store from 11-1 on Saturday, June 30th. Just bring your baby, Daddy, a diaper and a will to win! The top two dads who can change baby's diaper the quickest will each win a BG Freetime! (In store only) If you aren't local-don't worry! You can also enter to win a BG Freetime in Noodle from ECOBUNS here!

Winner will be picked on Friday July 6th.

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