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September 8, 2010


I recently borrowed some G-diapers to use and test out. After we had our first son we had talked about cloth diapering to save some money and this was one option I was seriously looking into. The price seemed fairly good but I didn't really know a whole lot about cloth at that time and I'm one of those people who needs to see and touch an item before I buy it. So we never really took the plunge to switch to cloth. Now that we have our second baby we obviously are enamored with it. I wish I would have used cloth earlier than what we had. But anyways, G-Diaper was what I was thinking of trying but never have purchased. Here is a look at the G-Diaper:

The front view of the diaper. It has a very basic rectangle shape to it with tabs going out on the sides.

The inside of the diaper has a cute fun print. The outer shell of this diaper is a nice stretchy cloth, and it is soft, but not water proof.You snap in a plastic-y liner in each corner of the cover.
Then you take your g-cloth which has a nice fleece on one side for against babies skin and microfiber on the other side (or disposable flushie liner)
and you push it into the plastic-y liner that is snapped on to the cover. It fits in pretty well.
Here is the diaper stuffed and closed up ready to go.
a side view of the diaper.
Here is the diaper on my 2 year old. He is super skinny and was wearing a medium diaper. It is very trim.
The tabs velcro shut in the back of the diaper.
And the front almost looks like a pair of undies. It is very trim.

My experience with this diaper:
-I liked how trim the diaper is.
-I did not have any leaks with this diaper, however I did have a hard time keeping it on my son. Even though the velco is in the back of the diaper he was constantly taking it off. I don't think he liked it at all.
-Each time I took the diaper off the g-cloth was all bunched up in the middle of the plastic liner which meant that the plastic had been touching my little guys bum.
-It is easy to put together and stuff with the cloth.
-I only used this diaper for a day because E wouldn't keep it on so I dont have a lot of experience with it but I don't think I will be purchasing these in the future. I prefer my other styles of diapers.
-I have heard from others that they enjoy this diaper and it works well for them, maybe on a younger baby that doesn't move around as much. I'm not really sure.

Do you use the G-Diaper and enjoy it? Leave us a comment with your experience!

-This review is completely of my own opinion. I was not paid to review this item nor did I receive any type of compensation for writing it. I also did not receive a diaper from any company to use for this review.


Kimberlie said...

I used gdiapers size small on my son for 2 months when he was 3 weeks old until 3 months and had LOTS of issues with them. I don't know if it was just me, or just him, but we had to change them every 1 1/2 hours to keep them from leaking. I didn't like that they feel damp on the outside all the time. He seemed to be too big for smalls at 3 months and instead of going to mediums, we got out of g diapers and switched to pockets. It is my opinion that people either love them, or don't.

Katie Barrett said...

I use Gdiapers, and we love them, but I also made my own inserts with flat fold diapers I made from flannel sheets. I fold them in half, then fold them four times to fit in the diaper, and they work great. I don't like that they come off easily, but they are easy to use. I think gdiaper should start using a stronger velcro. I also had the velcro fall off a brand new cover. I only use them at night, with the flat fold diaper inside, and my daughter doesnt leak all night as she does with other diapers.

Kelly said...

We use gDiapers! I am so new to cloth diapering, and honistly found these at babies r us before I knew about ecobuns. I have only tried one other cloth diaper (grovia). I honistly think it looks more comfortable than the gDiaper. Sometimes the gDiaper's snaps leave marks on my little guy. It does however, leak less than the other cloth I have. Although, I think that is user error.

Virginia said...

I also had issues using gDiapers with my DD. She has been a pretty small girl, but she has chunky legs! I had her in M/L at about 6 months, and I only ever used the enviro-friendly gDiaper sposies or a cheap prefold, I never found the cloth inserts. But I found that DD would have really red marks from the snaps almost every time I put them on her. She isn't a complainer, but it just looks uncomfortable to me. And I did try to loosen the velcro, but she has a pretty small waist and it would just sag. The only really positive side was that some of her other dipes have leg/waist ratio problems and they will constantly leak out of the top, but the gDiapers never did. I think the plastic liner design really helped in that area. I love the concept, but they just didn't work for us.

Now an Air Force Wife and Mommy!! said...

I just couldn't figure out how the diaper itself would stay dry and clean especially with my little pooping machine!

We decided against them because of the design. We do have some grobaby (grovia) and love them for when we're out and about (we live overseas and sometimes you just don't have anywhere to wash them!)

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