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September 21, 2010

DryBees AIO review

One diaper that I enjoy using (as well as my husband) is the Drybees AIO diaper. We actually have 7 of these diapers! I have 3 size smalls, 3 size mediums and 1 large. They do not make this diaper as a one size so you have to buy a new one as your baby grows. They are priced around $17.95 each. Here is a new one:
Here are all but one of our Drybees. I have a small baby monkey one that is absolutely adorable! My favorite print diaper! I will have to add a picture later since its dirty now. They go from the left small, medium, large.
Here are three diapers stacked on top of each other, Large on the bottom(dark blue), Medium in the middle (light blue) and small on top(brown). Its hard to see the size difference in the picture.
Here are the diapers small, medium, large, left to right, closed up. You can see the size difference a little more in this picture.
The inside of the diaper is made with a suede cloth. My little guy will occasionally have a reaction to the material if I do these diapers consistently for a day. I like to rotate suede and fleece to keep the reaction away. (Your baby's skin will differ from mine)
An awesome feature about this diaper is the pocket in the back. The insert is sewn into the diaper but the pocket allows for you to add extra absorbency if needed. *its needed with my boys because they pee like crazy!*
Here is the diaper turned inside out. There is a microfiber insert attached to the suede cloth.

Here is the small on my son. He is currently 17 pounds and the small still fits him great!
My 28 pound 2 year old fits perfectly into the size medium.
The front of the drybees on my infant, size small
Its not to bulky in the rear, if you add extra inserts it obviously gets bigger.

My experience with this diaper:
I've had my ups and downs with this diaper. I purchased a couple for my infant and loved the color, style and print. But after a few uses I was having a lot of leaking out of the legs. So I added in a hemp insert and the leaking stopped. I also use an extra insert for my toddler so he doesn't leak either. I have heard that this diaper isn't great for skinny legged babes but I don't have to many problems with it on my toddler who has super skinny legs. I originally bought a large for my toddler because he was in the middle of the weight range for it but it was really saggy and droopy so I found 3 on CL and bought them. They fit great. I will still use the large on him but only with tighter jeans to help hold it up, otherwise I get leaks. These can take a while to dry but I found that if you turn them inside out to dry they will typically dry in one cycle on the dryer or outside in a shorter period of time. These diapers have really cute prints and solid colors and my husband actually prefers to use these because of the Velcro. I heard him one day as he was putting on one of the diaper say "That's a cute diaper." This is also a preferred diaper by my mom...nice and easy.

Have you used the Drybees AIO? What do you think of it?


Jess said...

I use the Drybees AIO and I love it! I think they ahve become our preffered diapers, we do occasionally have problems with leaking. We figure this is sually because we have waited too long to change him. I think the monkey print is adorable and I am totally digging the brown one you show here.

MommyMarissa said...

I loved the print, but they leaked like crazy on my LO. But he is super skinny. I love the monkey print too! But every time he pooped, it exploded out. (EBF)