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June 23, 2010

Terminology and Abbreviations

One of the biggest issues I came across when starting out researching cloth diapering was trying to figure out all the 'secret codes' so to say. What the heck is an AIO, fitted, pocket, or cover? I searched and searched all over to find out as much as I could before choosing my diapering style. Here I hope to give as much information I can to help you figure out the cloth diapering lingo.

AIO - All-In-One - AIOs are diapers that have an outer waterproof layer. This layer is typically made of PUL (Poly Urethane Laminate) or polar fleece. These diapers most resemble a disposable diaper in the sense that they are all once piece, no stuffing or folding. All absorbent materials are sewn right into the diaper.

AI2 - All-In-Two -AI2 diapers are a lot like AIO except that the absorbant material is not sewn into the diaper. You place a second separate liner within the diaper. These have a faster drying time than the AIO's.

Contour Diapers - Hourglass shaped diapers that have no elastic. They are held together with snappi's or pins and need a diaper cover over them.

Diaper Covers- Diaper Covers are an outer cover to put over contour diapers, fitted diapers or prefolds. They provide a waterproof outer cover for non water proof diapers.

Doublers - are extra absorbent soaker pads that you add to a diaper to increase absorbency. These are good for night time and when you won't be able to change a diaper for a while (Car trip).

Flats - are one layered diapers, usually made of cotton gauze and dry quickly, folding and pinning are usually required with these.

Fitted Diapers - Fitted diapers are slightly like disposable diapers. They have a contour fit and have elastic on the legs and back. They have either velcro or snaps to hold the shut. These need a waterproof cover over them.

Hook & Loop - These are Velcro-like closures. Since the Velcro brand is not very soft, many diaper makers use Aplix or Touchtape brand hook and loop.

Liners - Liners are thin layers of cloth or paper that are placed inside the diaper to aid in the cleaning of solid waste. In the case of paper liners, the solid waste collected on the liner can be removed from the soiled diaper and either thrown away or flushed. Cloth liners must be washed, but aid in laundering. They also help protect the actual diaper from staining.

Longies - Longies are wool soakers that have longer legs to form pants.

Pre-folds - Pre-fold diapers are rectangular shaped diapers that must be folded into the shape of a diaper. They are similar to flats, but have multiple layers with more layering in the middle. They often have 2-4 layers of absorbent material on either side and 6-8 layers in the middle. You may see a pre-fold described as being 4x8x4. This describes how many layers there are in the outer and inner sections. Pre-folds are usually the cheapest type of cloth diapers available. They must be used in conjunction with a cover.

Pocket Diapers - Pocket diapers are like AIOs orAI2s. They have an outer layer of a waterproof material and an inner layer of a stay dry material, like microfleece or suede cloth. They have a pocket opening that allows for the absorbent material to be stuffed in the pocket during use and then removed for laundering. You can use inserts, prefolds or doublers inside the pocket of these diapers to adjust the amount of absorbency needed.

Snappi® - A plastic piece that fastens a cloth diapers. These are often used instead of diaper pins.

Soakers - The term soaker can be applied two ways. It often refers to the absorbent middle part of the diaper that absorbs the moisture when a baby wets. Soakers may be sewn inside the diaper, partially sewn to form a flap, snapped in inside the diaper, or simply laid inside the diaper.

AIO - All in One diaper
AI2 - All in Two diaper
BF - Breastfeed
CD - cloth diaper
CPF - Chinese prefold
DSQ - Diaper service quality
EC - Excellent condition
EUC - Excellent used condition
F&C - Free & Clear (used referring to detergents)
FLer - Front loader washing machine
FS - For sale
FSOT - For sale or trade
HE - High efficiency (when referring to washing machines)
IPF - Indian Prefold
ISO - In search of
LMK - Let me know
NAK - Nursing at Keyboard
PUL - polyurethane laminate, a material used to make diaper covers/wraps
ROFLOL - rolling on the floor, laughing out loud
SAHM - stay-at-home mom
TLer - Top loader washing machine
WAHM - work-at-home mom

Diaper Brands Commonly Referred To With Abbreviations:

BG - bumGenius
FM - Fluffy Mail
FMBG - Full Moon Baby Gear
FB - Fuzzi Bunz
HH - Happy Heiny's
LC - Little Caboose
ME - Motherease
GAD - Green Acre Designs
SEZ - Snap E-Z


Monica said...

A couple more:

OS- one size
NB- newborn

Kristina said...

Thanks Monica!

Anonymous said...

thanks for all of this helpful info!
i still have a question: so what exactly is a wool soaker? the pics i've seen look like undies or pants, but are they waterproof somehow? how are they used? it seems like they'd just get all wet. (i'm still trying to figure this whole thing out. we have only used hybrid diapers so far and i'm trying to venture out into the CD world).

Valerie M said...

Alexisl- Once wool is lanolized it is very waterproof. I use wool covers at night and haven't had a leak. All you do is heat up some lanolin (I use nipple cream with lanolin in it) and soak it in some warm water with my covers.