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June 30, 2010

How to get started

Like many families deciding to switch to cloth diapering, I too had no clue how to get started. How many diapers will I need? What is a pocket diaper, All in one (AIO)diaper, a fitted diaper? I had no clue. So I started searching left and right for information on the web to help me clear some things up. I was still undecided as far as what I wanted to do, and still slightly confused. I didn't really have anyone to ask about cloth diapering because I didn't know anyone who did it. After a while I finally found a place that sold cloth diapers that was local to me. A friend of mine who was pregnant had registered for her baby shower at this store and so I checked them out online. They also have a store front that you can visit. So that's what I did. I headed on over to the store and had a mini lesson on all the different types of diapers and it cleared so much up for me. I now knew what people were talking about when they said AIO, fitted, pockets etc.

I would recommend to people if they option, to go to a store that sells CD's and physically touch them and explore the different kinds offered. If you look at them you will get a feeling for what you want to use. Some people like the simplicity of an AIO diaper, no stuffing to be done, no folding needed, you just put it right on baby. Others prefer a pocket diaper so that they can adjust the absorbency of the diaper, especially during night time, nap time, and trips away from home. One of my favorites is the option of prefolds with a cover. Yes it is a little more work to get the prefold folded the correct way then place in the cover then on the baby but I enjoy it plus its the cheapest way to go.

If you use prefolds and covers you will probably want around 2-3 dozen prefolds and about 4-6 covers. If you like snappi fasteners have 2-3 on hand. Also optional items are 6-8 doublers for night time and 12-18 fleece liners to take moisture away from the baby’s bottom.
If you prefer a Pocket Diaper or AIO Diaper you will probably want for babies around 20-30 diapers and for toddlers 15-25 diapers. Doublers for night time and inserts for the pocket diapers.
If you want fitted diapers with covers have about 2-3 dozen fitteds and 3-4 covers on hand.

These are just suggestions and once you get started you will more than likely start buying different types of diapers and have a huge stash in the bedroom to use.

A lot of online stores have the option of doing a Cloth Diaper Trial. This gives you the opportunity to try out the diapers for a couple of weeks and find out what style(s) suits you best. Here are a few good site I have found that offer trials.

Jillians Drawers - They offer a 21 day trial with a security deposit of around $150 depending on what size you get. After the 21 days are up you mail back all the diapers and get refunded all but $10 of your money back as well as a percentage off your first purchase. This is probably one of the best trials I have seen because it comes with the most diapers, a good time frame to use the diapers and the cheapest...however this might be harder for people to do because you do have to do the security deposit of the $150.

Ecobuns - They offer a trial package for $25 dollars. There have three different trial packages you can choose from that are tailored to fit more of what you are interested in.


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